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GreatCollections Offering 1972-S Eisenhower Dollar Wrong Planchet Error

GreatCollections Offering 1972-S Eisenhower Dollar Wrong Planchet Error

The firm GreatCollections is offering a major error, a 1972-S Proof Eisenhower dollar struck on a clad Kennedy half dollar planchet, in an auction closing on October 17. The error is certified PF67DCAM with a Gold Shield by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and at the time of writing has a bid above $2,800 USD.

Proof 1972 Eisenhower dollars were struck on silver-clad planchets at the San Francisco Mint; Proof copper-nickel clad half dollars were struck at the same facility that year. The planchet is both the wrong denomination and composition.

The error is relatively well-centered, with all of Ike’s profile visible on the obverse. LIBERTY, which curves around the top of the obverse, is not visible, while the date and mint mark are. The “I” in “IN” and “G” in “GOD” fall outside of the design elements that made it onto the half dollar planchet.

On the reverse, most of the word “UNITED” is absent, as is the denomination and part of the lunar surface. A portion of the rim, from 11 to 2 o’clock is intact, as is some reeding around 12 o’clock.

PCGS’ website lists no previous auction appearances for this error.

GreatCollections’ auction is slated to end on October 17, 2021, at 8:39:44 Pacific Time. At the time of writing, 89 bids had been posted, the highest of which was $2,850. To search through GreatCollection’s archive of over 600,000 certified coins the company has sold over the past seven years, please visit the GreatCollections Auction Archives.

GreatCollections is offering a number of other wrong planchet errors from the 1970s whose sales close around the same time as the 1972-S wrong planchet error. Another 1972-S Eisenhower dollar, struck 98% off-center on a clad Kennedy half dollar planchet and certified PF62 by PCGS, has attracted 15 bids, the highest of which is $322. The auction for this wrong planchet, off-center error closes at the same time as the first 1972-S wrong planchet error, 8:39:44 PT.

Two 1977-S Jefferson nickels struck on dime planchets are offered, one certified PF66, the other PF66 DCAM, by PCGS. The former has attracted 19 bids, the highest of which is $575, the latter 13 bids, the highest of which is $412.99. The auction for the first 1977-S wrong planchet error closes four seconds after the two 1972-S Eisenhower dollars, at 8:39:48, the second 1977-S four seconds after that, 8:39:52 PT.

Major error, Eisenhower dollar, and Jefferson nickel collectors might be interested in this remarkable error.

GreatCollections, the official auction house of the American Numismatic Association (ANA), specializes in auctioning certified coins and banknotes, handling transactions from start to finish. Since its founding in 2010, GreatCollections has successfully auctioned over one million certified coins, making it one of the leading certified coin companies in the United States, with annual sales in 2021 exceeding $235 million. Ian Russell, owner/president of GreatCollections, is a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) and a member of the National Auctioneers Association.

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