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Kazakhstan Issues New 20,000 Tenge Banknote


On October 1, 2022, the National Bank of Kazakhstan issued into circulation a banknote of 20,000 KZT nominal value.

The banknote is designed in the same style as the banknotes already in circulation. Thus, its obverse side contains mostly vertical images, while horizontal ones are represented on its reverse side. A design is made using a demetallized strip located along the entire vertical, with a holographic image of the face value.

The banknote has 25 security elements and is printed in a predominant gray color with a size of 155 mm x 79 mm.

The obverse or front side of the banknote depicts the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the monument Kazakh Eli, the Triumphal Arch ‘Mangilik El’, a fragment of a Kazakh national Baskur ornamental ribbon, and the number ‘30’, representing the years of independence.

The reverse or back side of the banknote contains a panoramic view of Astana City and the Akorda Presidential Residence.

The banknote of 20,000 tenge with a new design must be accepted at its nominal value throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan for all types of payments, as well as for credit to bank accounts and for transfer, change, and exchange in any bank of the country.

This banknote is an addition to the current range of circulation banknotes of the national currency of the ‘Kazakh Eli’ Series, which is currently represented by denominations of 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, and 10,000 tenge.

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