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Kolbe & Fanning Sale 146 – Important Numismatic Literature: Lots You Need to Know

Kolbe & Fanning - Important Numismatic Literature

Numismatic booksellers Kolbe & Fanning will conduct their 146th Sale of Important Numismatic Literature on Saturday, July 15, 2017 at 12:00 Noon, Eastern Time.

The sale will consist of 400 rare and antiquarian numismatic books, including many highly collectible editions, manuscripts, and plated catalogs covering a wide range of numismatics, from ancients to world coins & medals, to material issued in the United States. Many of these volumes contain information not available elsewhere, and as a solid numismatic library is an essential ingredient to any collection they are certainly worth a look.

Collectors can download a PDF of the entire catalog by visiting Kolbe & Fanning’s website at There they can register to bid.

There’s also still time to place bids by mail, but all absentee bids must be received by midnight on Friday, June 14.

CoinWeek’s editors have surveyed the sale’s many offerings and have compiled this list of lots you need to know.

* * *

Lot 53: 1754-55 Folio Catalogue of Maria Theresa’s Roman Portrait Coins

Beautifully Illustrated with Engravings by Salomon Kleiner

Salomon Kleiner Plate - Lot 53This rare volume, entitled Numismata Cimelii Caesarei Regii Austriaci Vindobonensis Quorum Rariora Iconismis Cetera Catalogis Exhibita Iussu Mariae Theresiae, Imperatricis et Reginae Augustae. Pars Prior & Pars Altera and written by Erasmus Froelich (1700-1758), Valentin Jamerai Duval (1695-1775), and Joseph Khell von Khellburg (1714-1772) between 1754 and 1755. The three authors, expert numismatists of the period (in fact Froelich’s research was considered exemplary), produced this comprehensive record of the numismatic cabinet of Empress Maria Theresa. The volume features many high quality and often ornate illustrations from engraver Salomon Kleiner (1700-1761).

A marvelous artifact of the reign of the Habsburg Dynasty’s numismatically famous regent.

Estimate: $600 USD

Lot 179: 1790-1793 Bound Volume of Three Pamphlets by Augustin Dupré, Graveur Général des Monnais de France

An Exceptional Volume of Pamphlets by Augustin Dupré Regarding His Role in French Coinage, from the Library of the Author

Augustin Dupre Volume - Lot 179Three pamphlets from the library of important French engraver Augustin Dupré (1748-1833), designer of many important French coins and medals as well as the Libertas Americana medal (1781). Bounded into one binding are Observations Présentées au Comité des Monnaies de L’Asseemblée Nationale (Octobre 1790), Par M. Dupré, Gravuer en Médailles, Réponse a L’écrit de M. Beyerlé, Du 30 Août Dernier, Dénonçant La Fabrication des Pièces de 15 Sols. Par Dupré, Graveur Général (1791), and Observations Rélatives au Mémoire Que la Commision Générale des Monnoyes et le Ministre des Contributions Publiques Ont Présenté a La Convention Nationale Le 30 Octobre 1792. Sur la Refonte des Monnoyes et les Nouvelles Empreintes. Présentées a la Convention Nationale, Par Dupré Graveur Général des Monnoyes de France. Rédigées par Verlac Homme de Loi (1793).

Carefully preserved, this volume, unknown to the numismatic world until 2014, is of tremendous importance to scholars of French numismatics of the late 18th century.

Estimate: $3,000
Royal Mint Reports - Kolbe & Fanning

Lot 228: 1870-1986 Annual Report of the Deputy Master of the Mint for 1870-1928, 1933, 1939-53, 1955-86

Over 100 Years of Royal Mint Reports

A virtual one-stop shop for scholars and researchers of a century’s worth of Royal Mint output. Included herein are rarely seen plates of coins and medals, charts, mintage data, and other vital information. Many single issues from this run are seldom offered. The annual reports were assembled in a variety of bindings and formats. Ten straight-grained morocco volumes come from the library of the Royal Mint branch in Ottawa; two half-morocco volumes are ex: Bank of Canada; one bound volume is ex: Royal College of Science, London. Several volumes show some degree of use but are still sound.

Previously offered in Kolbe Sale 79, Lot 290.

Estimate: $1,200

Lot 339: Forty-Eight Photographic Prints Depicting Large Cents in the Sept. 24, 1968 Hillcrest Enterprises Sale

Interesting study of large cents for collectors of the genre…

United Large Cent Auction - Hillcrest Auctions - Kolbe & Fanning

Preserving numismatic material used in the assembly of auction catalogs is nearly as fascinating a pursuit as collecting the coins themselves.

This collection of 48 photographic prints from the September 24, 1968 Hillcrest Enterprises Sale should greatly interest large cent collectors. The monotone prints, taken of coins from the collection of James E. Peck, were photographed by Jack Collins and represent nearly all of the photographs featured in the catalog (Lot 31 and the reverse of Lot 15 are sadly absent). Also included are three outtakes (lots not illustrated), which provide additional insights for pedigree accreditation.

The plated catalog of the September 24, 1968 Hillcrest Enterprises Sale is scarce in its own right, with only 100 copies produced. Nearly 50 years after the conclusion of the sale, this moment in time remains preserved for the curious scholar.

Estimate: $200

Lot 350: The American Accomptant; Being a Plain, Practical and Systematic Compendium of Federal Arithmetic; in Three Parts; Designed for the Use of Schools, and Specially Calculated for the Commercial Meridian of the United States of America

First Known Appearance of the Dollar Sign in Print, with Earliest Known Illustration of a U.S. Coin…

With the passage of the Coinage Act of 1792, the newly-formed United States of America developed a novel monetary system that was different from the one used by the European empires of Spain, France, and England.

To instruct American businessmen on the use of this new coin, author Chauncey Lee produced this practical accounting book. While the title might seem rather unassuming–short, even, by 18th-century standards–the book has become an important collector’s item due to its first printed use of the dollar sign and for its frontispiece, which illustrates several contemporary coins, including a 1795 Eagle. A near-fine example with original binding and a rebacked spine is offered here.

In this CoinWeek Exclusive Expert Insight, we spoke with David Fanning about this historic book to find out why it has become such a landmark piece for collectors of American numismatic literature.

Estimate: $1,400

Lot 368: Original Photographs of Minor United States Pattern, Trial and Experimental Pieces

Unique Set of Original Annotated Photographs of U.S. Pattern Coins

Pattern Coin Photographs F.C.C. BoydKolbe & Fanning’s research into this unique lot of two hundred and four annotated photographs of United States pattern, trial, and experimental pieces leads them to believe these once belonged to collector F.C.C. Boyd. Each 3.5″ x 6″ card features the obverse and reverse of a pattern type with notes relating to dates minted, composition, varieties, and other information.

At the time that these cards were produced, the standard reference on the subject was Edgar H. Adams and William Woodin’s United States Pattern, Trial, and Experimental Pieces: Being a List of the Pattern, Trial and Experimental Pieces Which Have Been Issued By the United States Mint from 1792 Up to the Present Time. The first edition of that book was published in 1913.

This is only the third time this collection has appeared at a Kolbe (& Fanning) auction over the course of the past 30 years. Pattern collectors should delight in the opportunity of adding these historic insights from one of the 20th-century’s leading collectors to their library of numismatic literature.

Estimate: $750

* * *

Register early to bid online

Bids may be placed via post, email, fax or phone, as well as online. Kolbe & Fanning is using Auction Mobility as our third-party online bidding platform. Auction Mobility is an app-based platform allowing users the ability to participate in the sale through phones, tablets and computers. To register for the sale, bidders must go to and sign up. Once you have set up an account, you may browse lots, place advance bids, or participate in the live sale online. Those wishing to participate on their devices can download the new Kolbe & Fanning app through the Apple or Google Play Store.

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Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers LLC is a licensed and bonded auction firm in the State of Ohio. For more information, please see the Kolbe & Fanning website at or email David Fanning at [email protected]. To register for the sale, go to We look forward to your participation.

Coinweek is the top independent online media source for rare coin and currency news, with analysis and information contributed by leading experts across the numismatic spectrum.

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