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Maria Montessori Commemorated on New Italian Bimetallic Coin

Maria Montessori Commemorated on New Italian Bimetallic Coin

By the Italian Mint ……
The second commemorative coin of the Numismatic Collection 2020 of the Italian State Mint was recently issued today by the Ministry of Economy and Finances. The coin is dedicated to Maria Montessori, the illustrious Italian pedagog who lived at the beginning of the 20th century. She became famous throughout the world thanks to the famous method of children’s education that she developed and which bears her name: the “Montessori Method”.

The bimetallic coin, with a nominal value of 2 euros, was made by the artist-engraver of the Italian State Mint Luciana De Simoni.

On the obverse, the portrait of Maria Montessori is positioned within in a geometric composition that includes didactic elements taken from her educational system. In the right field, “RI”, acronym of the Italian Republic; on the left, “R”, identification of the Mint of Rome; on the right, “LDS”, initials of the author Luciana De Simoni; above and below, the dates “1870” and “2020”, the year of Montessori’s birth and the year of issue of the coin, respectively. Delimiting the portrait is the inscription “MARIA MONTESSORI”; along the rim around the central design are featured the 12 stars of the European Union.

The coin is available both in Proof with a circulation of 5,000 pieces and in Uncirculated with a circulation of 4,000 pieces.

The coin can also be viewed in the Catalog of the Numismatic Collection 2020 published on the portal www.shop.ipzs.it.

Other issues expected still to be released this year include:

  • International Year of Plant Health
  • Series “Italian Food and Wine Culture” – Pizza and Mozzarella
  • Series “Great Italian Artists” – Eduardo De Filippo
  • “Sustainable World” Series – Endangered Animals: Tiger


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