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Mint Error News Issues 2023 Special Edition Magazine

Mint Error Magazine's 2023 Special Edition: Volume 1.

Celebrating 20 years of Mint Error News! Volume One and Volume Two are now online. Visit minterrornews.com to read both issues.

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Mint Error News (minterrornews.com) brings the latest mint error news and information to the collector. There are over 1,300 articles, features, discoveries, news stories, and mint-error-related info from the United States and around the world. The magazine’s website has become one of the most popular and informative online resources for mint errors and is read by thousands of dealers and collectors.

The two volumes are available for free download and touch on topics at the core of error collecting. Included are articles on the Top Mint Errors for 2022, a census of Lincoln Dime mule errors, an article on collecting Carson City Morgan dollar errors, informative research on a number of unique error coins from the 19th and 20th centuries, and much, much more.

Mike Byers is the Publisher and Editor of Mint Error News. Consultants are numismatic experts recognized worldwide, including Heritage Auctions, Dave Camire, Ron Guth, Marc Crane, Andy Lustig, Saul Teichman, Michael Faraone, Steven Contursi, Jeff Ylitalo, John Wang, and Fred Weinberg (retired).

Mike Byers Mint Error News

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