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Modern Coin Profile – Austrian Mint 2021 Silver Niobium Coin SMART MOBILITY


2021 Austria Silver Niobium Coin Smart Mobility €25 BU

Getting from A to B promises to be both smart and exciting in the future. The plans and concepts illustrated on Smart Mobility, the 2021 edition of the Austrian Mint’s Silver Niobium Series coin, suggest that mobility will also become healthier. This is because of the health benefits of cycling and using public transport, as well as the subsequent reduction in air and noise pollution in urban areas and the deceleration of global warming.

The appearance of urban spaces will also change dramatically. The basic idea here is the ‘superblock’ concept, in which houses are grouped together as in a garden city and traffic moved to the periphery. Urban areas are thus transformed from parking lots into lively parks where children can effectively play in the street. This will result in more sustainable and environmentally friendly transport solutions. It also implies greater digitization, something that has already led to the invention of self-driving cars and buses and could make air taxis a common sight in the near future.

The coin’s obverse [ABOVE] is dominated by a blueprint of an air taxi. The futuristic craft fills the two-tone niobium core and spreads into the silver outer ring so as to underline the visionary nature of this concept.

The coin’s reverse underlines the ecologically sustainable, decelerated aspect of smart mobility. The silver outer ring highlights the importance of public transport in the future while the niobium core focuses on the bike and scooter, the most sustainable individual means of mobility. Also in the niobium core, the superblock concept is seen as if through a lens.

Coin Specifications:

Date of Issue 10 March 2021
Quality Special Uncirculated
Series Silver Niobium
Face Value 25 Euro
Minatage 65,000
Coin Design Mag. Helmut Andexlinger, Herbert Wähner
Diameter 34.00 mm
Fine Weight 9.00 g / 0.29 oz
Total Weight 16.50 g

Packaging Comes in a case complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity and protective slipcase


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