Seeing Double - PCGS - Two Tails Washington Quarter Error

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) recently certified two extremely rare and unusual Washington Quarter errors.

The first is the third-known example of a two-tailed quarter likely struck in the 1965-1967 period. This piece, now graded PCGS MS62, was purchased by noted error specialist Fred Weinberg at the September 2017 Long Beach Coin, Currency, Stamp & Sports Collectible Expo.

Keep in mind that while there are many two-headed or two-tailed coins in existence, nearly all are man-made “magician’s coins” made by sawing two coins in half and mating the matching parts. They will have a very different “ring” to them if dropped on a hard surface such as wood, metal or glass.

PCGS Certified Two-Tailed Washington Quarter“It’s always an honor to grade a great rarity and this genuine two-tailed quarter is certainly one of the rarest of all U.S. Mint errors,” stated David Hall, President of Collectors Universe (NASDAQ: CLCT), parent company of PCGS.

The second piece is a 1968-S Proof Quarter, struck on a 90% silver planchet (Type 2, with upset rims) left over from 1964. While a few 1965 Silver Quarters are known (and a 1966 is rumored), it is the only known post-1964 Proof Silver Quarter.

1968-S .900 Silver Quarter ProofThis coin, now graded PCGS PR64, was also purchased by Mr. Weinberg at the September 2017 Long Beach Expo, and is accompanied by a July 1969 letter containing a spectrograph analysis confirming it is a 90% silver / 10% copper composition. Originally owned by well-known dealer Lyle Clark of California, this coin was purchased from Mr. Clark’s son.

PCGS President Don Willis noted that the submission of these nearly unique and extremely valuable pieces underscores the high degree of confidence the market places in PCGS’s authenticity and grading opinions.

For information about PCGS products and services, including how to submit your coins for authentication and grading, visit or call PCGS Customer Service at (800) 447-8848.

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  1. Ive a 1996d washington quarter that only reads god we rust and opposite side united missing completely also rubbed smooth

  2. I have a 1965 Dollar I looked at the reverse side and noticed the left wing it has a strike from the smaller feathers all the way to the to of the wing as well as one of the smaller leaves are missing under the eagle. I don’t know if its something special or if its normal for it to look like that.

  3. I have a 1998 washington quarter with a raised blotch on the left wing, left when looking at coin, the round blotch resembles a face, something similar to a pumpkin, I need help identifying what this anomaly is please

  4. 1967 quarter. Under the eagles right wing us a line or strike that extends from the chest area of the body to what I can see, to the top of the branch. Not shown on the quarters you have on this page. I would like to send you a picture of it.

  5. Hi I have a 1965 quarter that looks like error coin it has copper in the middle dye struck color and inverted coin for the side view as you look at it I think the coin looks like 3 pieces but it has a grove ridge middle look on the copper inside the coin I just found it also the side of the coin as a different ridge on the edge its different sizes but I have not drop it on the floor to test.

  6. i have a 1967 quarter that has like a extra leaf or something on the right wing curious about it any body no anything about this



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