You voted for it, and now it’s time for us to share our latest United States coin in our series of Guess the Grade videos. This video, we have a a silver Battle of Gettysburg half dollar dated 1936 and graded by NGC.

Struck at the Philadelphia Mint, this .900 fine silver coin was legal tender at 50¢ at the time of its release but was sold at a premium by the organizers of the 75th Anniversary Reunion of the Union and Confederate soldiers who fought at Gettysburg on that fateful day.

The coin is beautifully designed by Pittsburgh sculptor Frank Vittor and is one of a subset of classic commemorative coin issues that were produced to remember the sacrifice of those who fought in the American Civil War.

Given the timing of their release, these coins were actually collected by veterans of the war and their descendants.

As an added bonus, we share a second Gettysburg commemorative half dollar, this one given an unbelievably high grade by SEGS.

What would you grade the NGC coin and what should CoinWeek Editor Charles Morgan do with the SEGS coin?

Let us know in the comments. We will reveal the grade next week.

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