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Royal Mint Releases 1st 2024 Britannia Bullion Coins

2024 Britannia Silver Coin.
2024 Britannia Silver Coin.

The Royal Mint of the United Kingdom has launched both the gold and 1oz silver 2024 Britannia bullion coins, both of which feature the official effigy of His Majesty King Charles III on the obverse.

Britannia bullion coins employ four naked-eye security features that consumers can authenticate by rotating them under a light.

The personification of Britannia has been depicted on British coins for centuries and the coin has been The Royal Mint’s main bullion product since its 1987 debut. Sculptor Philip Nathan created the version that appears on the bullion coins. She is surrounded by specific symbols meant to represent the UK’s values – a shield of protection, an olive branch of peace, and a trident for her connection to the sea.

Andrew Dickey, Director of Precious Metals for The Royal Mint, said:

“We’re pleased to launch the first bullion coins from the 2024 Britannia Bullion range. …Its innovative security features making it appealing for investors. Simply by moving the coin you can authenticate it as a genuine Royal Mint product, giving investors complete confidence, whether they are buying directly from us or from our partners.

“The Britannia bullion collection will feature the official coinage portrait of His Majesty King Charles III on the obverse. We anticipate the 2024 Britannia bullion coins to be in high demand with collectors and investors.”

Because gold Britannia coins are legal tender, they are VAT free for non-VAT registered private individuals. If you are a resident of the UK, they are also UK capital gains tax free.

The Britannia gold bullion and the 1oz silver coins are available to order from The Royal Mint’s website. Products will be shipped starting September 26.

Future product releases are forthcoming. The 1 kilo, 1/4oz and 1/10oz silver 2024 Britannia bullion coins and the 1oz platinum coin will be available later in 2023. The 1/10oz platinum Britannia will be available in early 2024.

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The Royal Mint
The Royal Minthttps://www.royalmint.com/
The Royal Mint has an unbroken history of minting British coinage dating back over 1,100 years. Based in the Tower of London for over 500 years, by 1812 the Mint had moved out of the Tower to premises on Tower Hill in London. In 1967, the building of a new Royal Mint began on its current site in South Wales, UK, to accommodate the minting of UK decimal coinage. Today, the Mint is the world’s largest export mint, supplying coins to the UK and overseas countries.

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