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United States 2015 Bess Truman $10 Gold Coin

United States 2015 Bess Truman $10 Gold Coin

On April 16, 2015, the United States Mint issued the 2015 Bess Truman $10 Gold Coin. The coin is struck in .9999 gold and has a maximum authorized mintage of 10,000 across all ordering options. The coin was struck at the West Point Mint and carries the “W” mintmark. It comes in two finishes, Proof and Uncirculated.

The Bess Truman $10 Gold Coin is the second gold coin in the U.S. Mint’s First Spouse Gold Coin Program issued in 2015. First Spouse gold coins are issued in concert with the base-metal golden Presidential dollar series. The Bess Truman $10 Gold Coin is the 33rd gold coin issued in the series.

Bess Truman $10 Gold Coin Design


A front-facing bust of Bess Truman. Wrapping around the top of the coin is her name, BESS TRUMAN. Around the bottom is the inscription “33rd 1945-1953”. To the left of Mrs. Truman is the motto IN GOD WE TRUST. To the right is LIBERTY 2015. The “W” mintmark of the West Point Mint is situated below the date. At the back of the bust truncation are the initials “JI” for Joel Iskowitz. To the right of Truman’s bust are the initials “PH” (Phebe Hemphill).


The reverse depicts a locomotive wheel as it moves along railroad tracks; a call-back to Truman’s 1948 whistle-stop campaign trip. Wrapping around wheel is the inscription WHISTLE-STOP CAMPAIGN. In the exergue is the year 1948. This design is framed by a circular ring. On the outside of the ring, the legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (top) and the inscriptions E PLURIBUS UNUM · $10 · 1/2 OZ. · .9999 FINE GOLD (bottom).


Joel Iskowitz joined the U.S. Mint’s design staff in 2005 (View Designer’s Profile). Designer Phebe Hemphill joined the U.S. Mint in 2006, and since that time has become one of the nation’s most prolific coin designers (View Designer’s Profile). After a lengthy-career as a sculptor for the Franklin Mint, Charles L. Vickers joined the U.S. Mint’s Engraving department in 2003 (View Designer’s Profile).

Bess Truman $10 Gold Coin Specifications

Country:  USA
Year Of Issue:  2015
Denomination:  Gold $10
Mint Mark:  W
Maximum Mintage:  10,000
Alloy:  .9999 Gold
Weight:  1/2 Oz.
Diameter:  26.5 mm
OBV Designer  Joel Iskowitz | Phebe Hemphill
REV Designer  Joel Iskowitz | Charles Vickers
Quality:  Proof, Uncirculated



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