We bring to you the fourth episode of Cool Coins!, with four great coins from the bourse.

Like Eisenhower dollars? This episode we have two of them!

First up is a monster-toned 1977-D Eisenhower dollar in MS66. The reverse of this coin jumped out of the dealer’s cabinet when we walked by. You’ll love it!

The second Ike we liked was a 1971-S Eisenhower dollar in MS67+. Have you ever studied the 1971-S? It’s one of the most wretched modern collector coins that you will ever see. This example is among the finest known, with only three graded finer by PCGS. Having seen two of the three MS68s personally, we think this MS67+ may actually be the second finest known of the issue.

We delve into 18th-century colonial Brazil with a gem 1745-R 6400 reis that Lance Tchor had at his table. This coin is hammered!

Finally, we take a trip back 2,500 years to the coinage of the Macedonian tribe of the Derrones, where we find a rare uncirculated dodecadrachm from 485 to 460 BCE. Harlan J. Berk explains how the coin’s reverse tells us a great deal about how the coin was struck.

* * *

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