ron_alberEveryone dreams of finding sunken treasure. Learn about a company that seeks to fulfill those dreams.

Ron Alber talks about what it is like to work for Global Marine Exploration, the second largest company whose sole purpose is to recover treasure from shipwrecks.

He talks about the intrigue of the business as well as offering a realistic assessment of the treasure industry.


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Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC Treasure Auction 14

The first floor sale (with simultaneous live Internet bidding), of the Daniel Frank Sedwick 14th live auction was a new milestone for the growing company. Serious bidders and top numismatists from around the world came to the October 30 auction in three consecutive sessions at the DoubleTree Hotel in the Walt Disney World Resort. The auction room was filled with 50 to 75 people the whole time, most of whom also attended the previous night’s welcome dinner and enjoyed continuous socializing and networking. It was wonderful to see, a veritable “coin party” like nothing the field has seen in a long time!

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