1880-CC Morgan Dollar VAM-5: Stack’s Bowers Direct Coin of the Week

1880-CC Morgan Dollar VAM-5

1880-CC Morgan Dollar Description

  • Superb Gem 1880-CC 8/7 Morgan Dollar
  • VAM-5, Ex GSA Hoard
  • Just one finer in this category

1880-CC Morgan Silver Dollar. VAM-5. Top 100 Variety. 8/High 7. MS-67 (NGC).

A brilliant and frosty snow-white gem with a dusting of original patina apparent on each side. This Morgan Dollar fields are considerably reflective and contrast the more satiny texture of the devices. Well struck and virtually pristine.

1880-CC Morgan Dollar VAM-5

As a Carson City Mint issue with a low mintage of 495,000 pieces, net after melting, the 1880-CC Morgan dollar has always been popular with collectors. And thanks to the widespread distribution of examples during the 1950s, early to mid-1960s and, especially, through the various GSA sales of the 1970s, the 1880-CC is readily obtainable in Mint State. Most such pieces are of the Reverse of 1879 hub variety, as here, and most grade no finer than MS-65. Even so, the persistent collector should be able to obtain an MS-66 without too much difficulty.

Superb Gems in MS-67 and MS-67+, however, are another matter entirely. This issue, as are all Carson City Mint Morgan dollars, is a significant condition rarity in the grade offered here. The VAM-5 attribution further enhances both the significance and appeal of this beautiful coin. Just one coin has been certified finer by NGC in this category.

PCGS# 133877. NGC ID: 2542.



NGC Census: 1; just 1 finer in the VAM-5, GSA Hoard category.

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