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2017 Inaugural Trump Dollar


On January 20, 2017, New York businessman and reality TV star Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States in Washington, D.C. at the White House and the Capitol Building.

To celebrate, Liberty Dollar creator Bernard von NotHaus released a special Trump Inaugural commemorative version of his Trump Dollar, which was first released in 2016 while Trump was a candidate. This is different than the Liberty Dollar Von NotHaus originally created and ultimately lead to legal problems with the Federal Government.


The obverse features a three-quarters profile of Trump looking off to the left of the viewer. Starting on the left edge of the coin, the phrase UNITED STATES PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION wraps around the top of the obverse in a clockwise direction. Below the truncation of Trump’s neck on the right is the phrase WORLD PEACE. Beneath the effigy of Trump are the inscriptions DONALD J. TRUMP and 2017. At the very bottom of the coin is “© NLD”, which is a copyright notice for NotHaus Liberty Dollars, followed by von NotHaus’ signature hallmark, a triangle with a circle “B” inside.


The reverse features the top of a torch of Liberty with stylized flames. Several inscriptions surround it on all sides. The outermost inscription running clockwise from the left is FREE SPEECH FOR POLITICAL PURPOSE * NOT TO BE USED AS CURRENT MONEY. Just inside those phrases is the inscription, in a larger font, PEACEFUL REVOLUTION BEGINS. To the left of the torch is LIBERTY DOLLAR in cursive script, followed by a circle “R” registered trademark symbol. Beneath LIBERTY DOLLAR is the inscription 888.LIB.DOLLAR. To the right of the torch is the MSRP, or Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price–a lesson derived from von NotHaus’ persecution over the “face value” on the Liberty Dollar. The Trump Dollar is available in $25, $2,000 and $5 denominations representing the silver, gold and copper rounds, respectively (at the time of writing these dollar amounts bear around 50% premiums over spot price). The URL of the website selling the Trump Dollar, TRUMPDOLLAR.US, is immediately under the MSRP.

Thin lines divide the main motif from the bottom rows of inscriptions. The first register beneath the torch reads TRUMP DOLLAR. The register below that differs according to metal content: ONE OUNCE FINE SILVER, ONE OUNCE FINE GOLD, or ONE AV OUNCE COPPER (AV for “Avoirdupois” as opposed to Troy ounces). The last register at the bottom of the coin contains the same copyright notice and hallmark as the obverse.


The edges of the silver, gold and copper Trump Dollar rounds are Reeded.


 A self-described “monetary architect”, Bernard von NotHaus is the controversial creator of the Liberty Dollar and the Trump Dollar.

Legal Background: In connection with the Liberty Dollar business, a federal indictment against von NotHaus was issued in May 2009 accusing him of counterfeiting U.S. currency. Federal prosecutors successfully argued that von NotHaus was, in fact, trying to pass off the silver coins as U.S. currency whereas von NotHaus position was that the Liberty Dollar program was created to function as an alternative to the Federal Reserve system and not one designed to [deceive] people.

On March 18, 2011, after a 90-minute jury deliberation, von NotHaus was found guilty on various counts, including the making of “counterfeit coins” (resembling legal tender coins). On December 2, 2014 he was sentenced to 6 months house arrest, with 3 years probation. Termination of probation was formally granted December 9, 2015 by U.S. District Judge Richard L. Voorhees .

Von NotHaus was the founder of Liberty Services, formerly known as the National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Code (NORFED).

Coin Specifications:

Country:  United States
Year Of Issue:  2017
Denomination:  Silver: $25 MSRP; Gold: $2,000 MSRP; Copper: $5 MSRP
Mint Mark:  Triangle with circle “B” hallmark
Alloy:  Silver; Gold; Copper
Weight:  Silver & Gold: 1 Troy ounce; Copper: 1 AV ounce
Edge: Reeded
OBV Designer Bernard von NotHaus
REV Designer Bernard von NotHaus
Quality:  Brilliant Uncirculated

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