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ANACS, OSV Announce Joint Verification, Certification of Double Mint Sets

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On July 22, Original Set Verification Corporation (OSV) of Morrison, Colorado and ANACS of Centennial, Colorado announced their cooperation in the verification and certification of U.S. Treasury-released “Double Mint Sets” issued from 1947-1958. When originally released, these sets marked the first time the U.S. Treasury issued sets of business strikes, in holders, for collectors. These sets were delivered via Registered Mail or were purchased at the Treasury in Washington, D.C.

“The groundwork for this program has been in the works for over two years,” stated Shaunda Fry, Managing Partner of OSV, “and this marks a great day for the numismatic community.”

Paul DeFelice, Vice President of ANACS, added:

“Collectors have never before had the opportunity to protect these coins in certified packaging that keeps the integrity of the sets and original holders intact. Previously, coins would be removed from the paper covered cardboards, graded individually, and the holders and envelopes more often than not thrown away. ANACS not only places the coins in caches about the size of GSA packaging, but we also seal the original cardboards and envelopes with certification numbers corresponding to the coins.”

“Yes, modern collectors have played an unknowingly large role in the demise of truly original Double Mint Sets,” noted Ms. Fry. “There have been so many of these sets destroyed over the decades and one of our goals is to preserve this area of the numismatic marketplace.”

A new multi-coin ANACS holder was developed for the sole purpose of preserving and certifying Double Mint Sets. Housing up to 10 coins in each board, the holders are amazingly no larger than a government-issued GSA CC dollar holder.

A new submission process has also been established to ensure the review of originality of each board. Submissions are first sent directly to OSV where their originality is reviewed. The coins and packaging are then sent to ANACS where the coins are graded and encapsulated.

Although the coins are all individually graded, with their own certification number and bar code, there is also a Composite Grade for each of the mint boards that factors in more than just the average grades of the individual coins. The Composite Grade also factors in the superlative qualities of the various coins: Full Bell Line halves, Full Red cents, Full Step nickels, and Full Band dimes. The new caches are then returned to OSV for hologram stickers to be affixed to each board that is truly original.

Sets with colorful toning that is above average for the year will receive a special hologram attesting to their overall beauty.

The original envelopes and holders are sealed as well so they can remain with their encapsulated coin boards.

ANACS will also be hosting a registry program for the sets on its website.

Collectors can submit their sets directly to OSV, or through a member dealer. For more information visit OSV.expert.

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