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Two coins that are the finest known. Image: CoinWeek.

Finest Known – What It Does and Doesn’t Mean in the Coin Market

(n.) A coin described as the "finest known" is a coin of such a condition that no other example of the same issue is known...
In 2014, former PCGS President Don Willis was photographed placing an insert into PCGS holder to mark the 50 millionth item graded by the company. Image: PCGS.

Insert – An Important Element of a Graded Coin Holder

(n.) When talking about coins, medals, and tokens (etc.) certified and encapsulated in a plastic third-party grading service holder, an insert is a piece of...
A 1981-D Susan B. Anthony Dollar in Superb Gem Mint State condition.

Condition Rarity – When to Look for It, When to Be Leery of It

(n.) The term condition rarity can refer to two things: ) A coin that is considered rare because of its exceptional state of preservation. This...
The MS64 grade was introduced to bring more arbitrage to MS63 coins.

MS-64 – The In-Between Grade

MS-64 is an in-between grade that splits the difference between MS-63 (Choice) and MS-65 (Gem). On January 1, 1986, NCI (Numismatic Certification Institute), a Dallas,...
Terminal Point

Terminal Point and How It Impacts Certified Coins

(n.) The "terminal point" is the highest possible grade where the cost of submitting a coin to a third-party grading service is still higher than...
Dominion Grading Service.

Dominion Grading Service – A Defunct Coin Grading Company

Dominion Grading Service (DGS) is a defunct grading service operated by David Lawrence Rare Coins of Virginia Beach, Virginia. It was operational from April...
PCGS Body Bag coins. Image: ChzForLife - Reddit / Jaobler - Coin Community Forum / CoinWeek.

Body Bag – A Former Container for Problem Coins

(n.) Coins deemed upgradable by some third-party grading companies were at one time returned to the customer in a container known as a “body bag“....
ASA Accugrade holder.

Accugrade – A Novel Approach to Coin Grading

On occasion, one might encounter coins in obsolete coin slabs. One such obsolete slab presents a few interesting insights, that--had they been adopted more...
A Prooflike 1880-CC Morgan dollar. Image: Stack’s Bowers / CoinWeek.

Prooflike – What Does This Coin Collecting Term Really Mean?

(adj.) "Prooflike" is a term used to describe a business-strike coin--especially Morgan and Peace silver dollars--in which all of the fields, and possibly the devices,...
An image of a mock-up ad for a coin in Almost New condition.

Almost New – Don’t Be Fooled by This Dishonest Coin Grade

(adj.) An "Almost New" coin is one that is, at best, in About Uncirculated condition and is being opportunistically marketed. The term is similar in connotation...
Close-up image of a CAC sticker on a graded coin.

CAC Green Bean : What Does It Say About My Coin?

(n.) Slang. The term "green bean" is a colloquial name for the small green holographic sticker affixed on certified coin holders by Certified Acceptance Corporation...
Grading gold coins

Some Practical Coin Grading Concepts for the Average Collector

By Roger W. Burdette, special to CoinWeek .....   Several days ago, a collector (DeplorableDan) posted photos and comments about an 1836 Quarter Eagle, Block 8...
Grading circulated 1916-D Mercury dimes.

The 1916-D Mercury Dime : A Grading Guide from AG3 to VG8

By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek .....   Due to its cost and status as a key date, the 1916-D Mercury dime is one...
PNG Announces a Coin Grading Promotion for PNG Members.

CAC Grading Announces Grading Credit for All PNG Members

President and CAC Grading (CACG) Co-founder Ron Drzewucki has announced that the company is granting a grading credit good for five (5) Express submission...
The Coinsnap App using AI to identify and grade coins. Is it effective?

Can This AI Collecting App Correctly Identify and Grade Coins?

By Austin Purvis for CoinWeek .....   Collectors and dealers have traditionally needed experience, knowledge, and a keen eye to accurately identify and grade coins. While...

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