CoinWeek editor Charles Morgan catches up with famed world and ancient coin expert Harlan Berk to talk about the difficulty of choosing the entries for his book 100 Greatest Ancient Coins, published by Whitman Publishing.

Ancient coins are one of the most exciting areas of coin collecting with literally hundreds of collecting strategies that can be applied to create a personalized collecting theme based on your individual preferences. Fun stuff.

Enjoy this segment from the floor of the ANA World’s Fair of Money.

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Ancient Coins Currently Available on eBay

 Pic  Title  Details
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 27 days 1 hr 34 mins
Widows Mite Ancient Coin NGC Certified Authentic Grade A Current Price: $69.99
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 26 days 1 hr 47 mins
NGC Choice CH AU - CONSTANTINE I Ancient Roman Bronze Bi Nummis Coin 307-337 AD Current Price: $99.0
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 13 days 4 hrs
NGC Ancients Roman Empire Sev Alexander AR Denarius AU AD 222-235 Current Price: $62.0
# of Bids: 18
Ending: 1 day 10 hrs 59 mins
Roman Silver Valerian I Double Denarius Coin,NGC Certified Circ 253 AD Excellent Current Price: $39.0
# of Bids: 15
Ending: 2 days 8 hrs 29 mins
Boeotia (Federal) Drachm NGC Ch. XF 4/4 ancient silver coin Poseidon Current Price: $295.0
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 26 days 11 hrs 47 mins
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