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1883-CC Morgan Dollar. Image: Heritage Auctions (visit www.ha.com).

Collecting Carson City Mint Morgan Silver Dollars

By Greg Reynolds for CoinWeek .....   The topic here is collecting Morgan Silver Dollars that were minted in Carson City, Nevada. The Nevada facility was...

Coiniverse App Introduces NFT-Based Coin Ownership Verification

Coiniverse Ltd, the company behind the Coiniverse app for coin collecting, has introduced a new NFT-based method to verify the ownership of physical coins....
50 State Quarters. Image: Adobe Stock.

Modern Quarters Worth Money

By CoinWeek .... Have you ever looked through your change, wondering if any of the coins you have might be valuable? Some of them are....
The Sheldon Rarity scale provides collectors with an insight into surviving coin populations. Image: Stack's Bowers / Adobe Stock / CoinWeek.

Sheldon Rarity Scale – What Does It Mean and What Does It Do?

The Sheldon Rarity Scale is a nine-point rarity scale devised by Large Cent enthusiast William H. Sheldon. The scale works in descending order (coins...
Cherrypicker's Guide. Image: Whitman Publishing.

Sold-Out Cherrypickers’ Guide, Part II Gets Second Printing

Whitman Publishing is releasing a second printing of the Cherrypickers’ Guide to Rare Die Varieties: Volume II, 6th Edition. The sixth edition of the...
MyCollect announces Guess the Grade. An interactive photo grading game.

MyCollect Launches “Guess the Grade” Game for Coin Collectors

MyCollect.com has announced the official launch of Guess the Grade™, an online interactive game where members can grade coins online and compete with other...
Gramercy Stamp Company Lincoln Head Penny Board and Handbook. Images: Doug Plasencia for David Lange / CoinWeek.

Gramercy Stamp Company – Coin Board Manufacturer

The Gramercy Stamp Company was located at 323 W. 16th Street in Manhattan, New York City, and traded primarily in stamps. In July 1940,...
Colonial Coin & Stamp Company Shield nickel, Barber quarter, and Commemorative Half dollar boards. Images: Doug Plasencia for David Lange / CoinWeek.

Colonial Coin & Stamp Company – Coin Board Manufacturer

Colonial Coin & Stamp Company of New York City was founded by German immigrant Leiser Wolf Schnelling in or around 1931. Schnelling’s firm produced...
Coin Rarity

What Makes a Great Coin Rarity?

By Greg Reynolds for CoinWeek .....   I wish to focus upon the topic of viewing Great Rarities. This important topic relates to several key concepts: ...
Love Tokens from the 19th century.

Love Tokens Were Once Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts

By CoinWeek .....   Love tokens are a class of numismatic collectible, where one or sometimes both sides of a coin have been smoothed down and...
Mint State Liberty Head Nickels. Image: CoinWeek.

An Introduction to Liberty Nickels, Part 2: Uncirculated Coins

By Greg Reynolds for CoinWeek .....   Link to Part 1: Circulated Liberty Nickels * * * This week's topic is the collecting of uncirculated Liberty Nickels. I...
Circulated Liberty Head Nickels. Image: CoinWeek.

An Introduction to Liberty Nickels, Part 1: Circulated Coins

By Greg Reynolds for CoinWeek .....   For more than a half-century, Liberty Nickels have been extremely popular with collectors because they are inexpensive and readily...

Ten Affordable Coins and Banknotes From Around the World

By Al Doyle for CoinWeek.com .....   Is it possible to overthink the coin-collecting game? Does it require constant study of population reports and other data...
An image of an array of popular gold bullion coins. Image: Adobe Stock / CoinWeek.

Why Bullion Investors Often Transition Into Being Coin Collectors

By Al Doyle for CoinWeek .....   How does a person move from being a bullion investor to a collector? It's not an either/or choice, as...
An image of a jar of cash and a gold coin. Tips for saving nice coins.

Budget Coin Collecting: How to Raise Money to Buy Better Coins

By Al Doyle for CoinWeek .....   It happens to every collector, and often on a repeated basis. An exciting coin comes along - imagine a $5...

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