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Announcing the Release of Mexican Paper Money 2017

World Numismatics, LLC has released the 2017 digital edition of the most complete guide to Mexican Paper Money ever published. Mexican Paper Money has become the industry standard and contains listings on more than 7,000 items, thousands of which are not listed in most catalogs. The 2017 Edition has thousands of changes, including many newly discovered notes.

Available on their website for digital download, this new version of Mexican Paper Money is fully searchable using Adobe Reader. You can search for a specific word, use a letter, number or other characters. Furthermore, the Table of Contents has links to the corresponding section in the book. For instance, you can click on “Aguascalientes” under “Bancos” and it will take you directly to that section.

The 2017 Edition can be purchased at www.worldnumismatics.com.

Reviews of the 2010 Print Edition: 

“Mr. Frampton did a massive amount of research for his book, investigating many sources that had not been tapped before. His hardbound classic will certainly be the standard reference in the field for many years to come. The early authors would have been very pleased to see the level to which our field has been taken by this beautiful work.”Richard A. Long

“The new book is intelligently laid out. It’s organized chronologically in six large sections (Imperial and early Republic; era of the private banks; pre-Revolutionary currency issued by entities other than banks; Revolutionary paper, including military, state, municipal, and private issues; emergency currency from the post-Revolutionary period; and early products of the Banco de Mexico, down to about 1970. Frampton employs two numbering systems – his own, wherein each note gets its own, whole number in sequence, preceded by an ‘M’ (for Mexico), and the numbering system devised for the 1982 publication. The latter poses organizational challenges, but many collectors have arranged their holdings in accordance with it; this new book allows its retention if desired.”Richard Doty

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About World Numismatics

World Numismatics, LLC is a leading buyer and seller of Mexican, Latin American, World and Ancient coins and currency, with one of the largest inventories in North America. Contact them at [email protected] or call (480) 921-2562.

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