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Austria 2015 Piece by Piece: Vienna 10 Euro Silver Coin


From the Austrian Mint:

One of the world’s five biggest cities a century ago, Vienna may no longer be the capital of a huge empire but it is still a world leader in terms of its quality of life. The economic and cultural dynamism, and superb infrastructure of the modern metropolis have led to Vienna being designated the “world’s most liveable city” for the past six years. With its glorious past still clearly visible, the Austrian capital is also one of the most beautiful. A place of awe-inspiring architecture and a more palpable sense of history than just about any other city on the planet, Vienna is the seventh coin in our eye-opening Austria Piece by Piece series.

The 2015 Vienna 10-euro silver commemorative coin is also available in an uncirculated finish in .999 Copper.


A violist plays music while a chauffeur drives a two-horse carriage along the streets of Vienna. In the background, a collage of Vienna’s most famous and culturally-important buildings: the State Opera, the Vienna Secession Building, and the spires of St. Stephens and Karlskirche. Wrapping around the top of the coin is the inscription REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH. Below this, the inscription WIEN (for Vienna). At the bottom of the coin in emerge is the denomination and date: 10 EURO, 2015.


Austrian Mint designer Thomas Pesendorfer adapts 11-year-old schoolgirl Viktoria Pinzer’s drawing of St. Stephen’s cathedral, which is here depicted in a primitive, yet skillfully detailed artistic style. Two clouds hand over the Vienna sky as a flock of birds flies above the towers of the cathedral. Viennese in period clothing walk amongst the city’s historic buildings. A man in a top hat walks with a cane. A woman and child walk side by side while a man drives a horse and buggy. Canted slightly to the left and wrapping around the coin’s upper outer perimeter is the inscription STEPHANSDOM WIEN.

Designer(s): Austrian Mint designer Thomas Pesendorfer’s coin designs continue to capture the spirit and culture of Austria. To learn more about him: View Designer’s Profile.

Coin Specifications:

Country:  Austria
Year Of Issue:  2015
Denomination:  10 Euro
Mint Mark:
Mintage:  40,000 (Special Unc.) and 30,000 (Silver – Proof)
Alloy:  .925 Silver; .999 Copper
Weight:  17.3 grams
Diameter:  32 mm
OBV Designer  Thomas Pesendorfer
REV Designer  Viktoria Pinzer and Thomas Pesendorfer
Quality:  Special Unc. and Proof


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