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The California Numismatist is the official publication of the California State Numismatic Association (CSNA) and the Numismatic Association of Southern California (NASC).

Recent Articles by this Author

Through the Numismatic Glass: Two Cents Worth

By Dr. Thomas F. Fitzgerald - The California Numismatist.... Almost 60 years had passed since the two-cent piece was first proposed by a Senator in...

A Gold Coin Treasure in San Pedro Bay? – or – Just Another Tale...

by Walt Ostromecki, NLG - The California Numismatist Forward According to early Southern California lore and legend, there lies a fortune in gold ore, bars and...

My Mentors in Numismatics

by Bill Febuary - The California Numismatist Over the years I have known some pretty influential people in the "World of Numismatics." I want to...

America’s First Bank Robbery

By Cole Schenewerk - The California Numismatist ..... The yellow fever outbreak of summer 1798 was the worst in Philadelphia’s history. Over 5,000 residents were...

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