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Bank of Malta Issues Silver Coin to Commemorate 450th Anniversary of Valletta


By Central Bank of Malta ….
On 27 May 2016 the Central Bank of Malta issued a silver coin to commemorate the 450th anniversary of the foundation of Malta’s capital city, Valletta.

This silver coin, which has a face value of €10, is struck to proof quality and will be limited to 3,000 pieces. It is of 0.925 finesse, has a weight of 28.28g and a diameter of 38.61mm.

The coin was designed and engraved by Noel Galea Bason, and will be minted at the Royal Dutch Mint. The coin’s obverse features the coat of arms of Malta with the date 2016. The reverse of the coin shows the architect Francesco Laparelli and his assistant Gerolamo Cassar conferring with Grand Master Jean de Valette regarding the building of the new fortified city of Valletta.

The building of a new fortified city on the heights of the Sceberras peninsula had long been planned. But it was only in the aftermath of the Great Siege of 1565 that the Order of St. John, with the backing of the Pope and the King of Spain, committed itself firmly to this project. The new city was designed by the Pope’s architect Francesco Laparelli and its foundation stone was laid by Grand Master Jean de Valette on 28 March 1566. It was named Valletta in honour of the Grand Master.

In 1571 the Order led by Grand Master Pietro del Monte transferred its quarters from Birgu to Valletta. It has served as Malta’s capital city ever since.

In 1980, Valletta with its impressive fortifications, outstanding buildings and monuments was added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

The coin may be purchased directly from the Malta Coins Distribution Centre’s online eShop facility or from the main building of the Central Bank of Malta. The coin will be sold for €60.

For more information the public is kindly requested to contact the Bank’s Malta Coins Distribution Centre at [email protected] or by calling (+356) 2550 6006/7.

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