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Bank of Thailand to Launch New Polymer 20 Baht Note

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The Bank of Thailand will launch the new 20 Baht note on March 24, 2022. This marks a transition to polymer of the most widely used denomination in Thailand.

The design of the new polymer note retains familiar themes from the previous cotton series for ease of public recognition. The new design contains two secure transparent windows, a feature unique to polymer. The note contains distinctive artwork, with a portrait of the king created using advanced intaglio printing techniques.

Bank of Thailand to Launch New Polymer 20 Baht Note

The increased durability of polymer substrate means these notes will stay in circulation for longer, with fewer notes needing to be printed, thus reducing their lifecycle carbon emissions. The non-porous nature of the substrate means the notes will be much more resistant to dirt and moisture than their paper predecessors.

The 20 Baht will be printed on De La Rue SAFEGUARD® polymer substrate and CCL’s GuardianTM substrate.

As part of its sustainability initiatives, the Bank of Thailand chose to introduce the 20 Baht on polymer substrate. Polymer banknotes have greater durability and recyclability than cotton-paper banknotes, lasting on average two-and-a-half times longer in circulation and being totally recyclable at the end of their life.

Ruth Euling, Executive Director and Managing Director of Currency at De La Rue, said: “To be able to work with the Bank of Thailand as part of the polymer 20 Baht banknote transition is a proud moment for De La Rue. Thank you to everybody involved.”

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