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CAC Enters Signature Label Market

Paul Nugget CAC Signature Label. Image: Bullionsharks.
Paul Nugget CAC Signature Label. Image: Bullionsharks.

By CoinWeek Staff Reports …..

On Friday, CoinWeek learned the CACG and Bullion Shark had entered into an exclusive agreement to offer graded 2024 American Silver Eagles with hand-signed labels featuring the signature of CACG founder Paul Nugget. Paul Nugget was one of a group of veteran coin dealers that teamed up with John Albanese in 2022 to establish CAC Grading (CACG), the full-service grading company that has evolved from CAC’s classic U.S. coin sticker service.

Nugget has been a full-time coin dealer since 1969. He has been a major player in United States gold coins, is a longtime member of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) and Red Book contributor, and recently worked with David Lawrence Rare Coins. This signed label represents the first time CACG has offered a hand-signed label. NGC and PCGS have offered signed labels for several years.

CACG entering the signature label program isn’t surprising, as the company has openly embraced the grading of modern bullion coins and has already introduced a small number of novelty label inserts.

Bullion Shark President Andrew Adamo told CoinWeek that the company has listed the 2024 American Silver Eagles marked First Delivery with Paul Nugget hand-signed labels on its website<. First Delivery indicates that CACG received the coins for grading within 30 days of release. Adamo expects the company to receive roughly 1,000 coins in its first shipment; additional coins will be forthcoming as demand requires.

Currently, Bullion Shark does not list the sale price of individual coins. CoinWeek’s call into customer service revealed that the company offered us the opportunity at a market price comparable to what we have seen MS70 CAC-graded American Silver Eagles sell for at other retail shops. Bullion Shark’s current list price for pre-order non-signed CACG 70s is $79.95 at the time of writing. Bullion Shark expects to receive the Nugget-signed and unsigned First Delivery 2024 American Silver Eagles from CAC within 30 days.

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  1. Sorry , I love the shark team .John has been my agent for years now BUT this online stuff fails in my opinion…
    I am NOT a marketing guy but compared to what’s out there ????
    Dave Owen


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