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Calcoin News – A Notable Club Coin Publication With a Long History

Calcoin News

Calcoin News was the official publication of the California State Numismatic Association (CSNA), and was published continuously from 1947 to 2003.

The publication originally launched in 1947 under the title California State Numismatic Association. The publication adopted the name Calcoin News in its March 1950 issue (vol. IV, issue 2), with Charles V. Kappen of So-Called Dollar fame named the publication’s editor.

Lesley G. Lodge took over the publication’s editing duties in June 1962. Lodge held the position until he died on January 11, 1972.

Barbara Hyde was named the publication’s editor in 1972, followed by Virginia Hall in 1975. Hall helmed the magazine for nearly 20 years, stepping down after the second issue in 1993 (vol. 47. issue 2). Dr. Reagan Shea finished the year off and was replaced by editor Rus Stoling in 1994. Theresa Lund was named editor in 1997. Greg Burns was the publication’s final editor, taking the helm for the second issue of 2003 (vol. 57, issue 2).

In 2004, with Burns at the helm, the publication was relaunched as the California Numismatist.

The Calcoin News archives are available to read at the Newman Numismatic Portal.

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