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Captain Canuck Among Homegrown Icons Celebrated on Latest Coins From Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is celebrating Captain Canuck on a $20 fine silver rectangular coin showing the imposing red and white-clad figure of our homegrown superhero, just as he looked when he burst onto the comic book scene in 1975. Designed by creator Richard Comely, the rectangular coin is a perfect canvas for the image of Captain Canuck proudly standing guard before the land he is sworn to protect. After collecting tales of his exploits for more than 40 years, comic book fans can now own a piece of our northern hero in 99.99% pure silver. This all-Canadian collectable, along with many other keepsakes celebrating the constantly unfolding story of our country, is available as of today.

As 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of one of the world’s best-selling silver bullion coins: the Silver Maple Leaf, the Mint has released a trio of numismatic tributes. In a Mint first, the 2018 $200 Pure Gold Coin: 30th Anniversary of the SML is a double-incuse, 99.999% pure gold coin with platinum plating over the iconic sugar maple design found on its reverse. Further creativity and innovation are found on the maple leaf-shaped $20 pure silver coin, as well as a 3 oz. $50 silver coin, also struck with double-incuse designs.

Other fine collector coins available this month include:

  • The 2018 $250 Pure Gold Coin – The Magnificent Maple, enhanced by a genuine Canadian diamond and featuring artist Virginia Boulay’s artful perspective of maple leaves in nearly 2 oz. of 99.99% pure gold;
  • The 2018 $20 Fine Silver Coin – Second World War Battlefront Series: The Battle of the Atlantic, featuring the artwork of Neil Hamelin;
  • The gold-plated 2018 $30 Fine Silver Coin – Captain Cook and HMS Resolution, also designed by Neil Hamelin;
  • The Chinese culture-inspired 2018 $200 Pure Gold Coin – Good Luck Charms featuring the artwork of Simon Ng;
  • The Ultra-high relief 2018 $25 Fine Silver Coin – Dragonboat, featuring a vividly colored figurehead in ultra-high relief, also designed by Simon Ng;
  • The 2018 $250 Fine Silver Coin – Tyrannosaurus Rex, featuring artist Julius Csotonyi’s illustration of a close-up view of the fearsome prehistoric predator on an enamel-enhanced one-kilo coin;
  • The 2018 $20 Fine Silver Coin – A Modern Allegory: Borealia, a new take of the classic allegorical design of currency in gold plating by artist Rebecca Yanovskaya;
  • The 2018 $20 Fine Silver Coin – Geometric Fauna Series: Orcas, blending low poly art and realist illustrations by Claude Thivierge;
  • The 2018 $3 Fine Silver Coin – The Thirteen Teachings from Grandmother Moon: Flower Moon, designed by Frank Polson; and,
  • The crystal-enhanced 2018 $5 Fine Silver Coin – Birthstones: June, featuring a mandala-inspired pearl design by artist Pandora Young.

Mintages, pricing and full background information on each coin can be found on the “Shop” tab of www.mint.ca.

The products can be ordered directly from the Mint at 1-800-267-1871 in Canada, 1-800-268-6468 in the US, or online at www.mint.ca. The coins are also available at the Royal Canadian Mint’s boutiques in Ottawa and Winnipeg, as well as through our global network of dealers and distributors, including participating Canada Post outlets.

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About the Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is the Crown Corporation responsible for the minting and distribution of Canada’s circulation coins. An ISO 9001-2008 certified company, the Mint is recognized as one of the largest and most versatile mints in the world, offering a wide range of specialized, high quality coinage products and related services on an international scale. For more information on the Mint, its products and services, visit www.mint.ca.

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