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The Coin Analyst: 1982 Lincoln Cent Provides Collectors with Challenges, Rewards

The Coin Analyst: 1982 Lincoln Cent Provides Collectors with Challenges, Rewards

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1982 was the year E.T. The Extra Terrestrial hit the silver screen. The average price of a new home was $80,000, and the Equal Rights Amendment failed ratification. It was also the year the United States Mint began making Lincoln Cents from a 97.5% zinc, 2.5% copper alloy instead of the traditional brass composition that had been in use for decades.

The change in the penny’s metallic composition actually unfolded in stages over the course of nine years, starting when the price of copper skyrocketed in 1973. As the intrinsic value of the copper in each Lincoln Cent approached the coin’s face value, the public thought it could turn a profit by hoarding brass one-cent coins. This led to a nationwide coin shortage not unlike the situation that occurred in the early 1960s, when the increasing value of silver inspired bullion bugs to hoard silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars by the tens of millions.

pcgs 1974-d aluminum cent
A recently unearthed 1974-D experimental aluminum cent pattern

The United States Mint experimented with an aluminum one-cent coin beginning in late 1973, but the vending machine industry raised concerns that the new one-cent coins would not be compatible with the millions of vending machines still accepting pennies. Meanwhile, copper prices began falling as 1974 moved forward, causing the U.S. Mint to forego changing the composition of the Lincoln Cent. Virtually all of the 1.5 million 1974-dated experimental pennies were destroyed, and the legal status of the few that remain is dubious.

The 1970s would continue on. Runaway inflation as well as the spiking cost of copper forced government officials to revive the talk concerning the penny’s metallic composition. Testing throughout 1980 and 1981 led to the composition in use today, which consists of a nearly 99.2% zinc core and pure copper plating.

The first zinc-based Lincoln Cents were struck at the West Point Mint on January 7, 1982. These coins, along with 1,587,245 business-strike zinc cents made at the San Francisco Mint that year, do not contain mintmarks; the Philadelphia Mint would take up production of the new zinc cents early in the year as well.

However, the Denver Mint did not strike the new zinc pennies until October 21 – a little more than one month after the U.S. Mint decided it was time to create a new obverse master hub that resulted in a smaller-sized date.

The metallic composition and obverse master hub changes ultimately led to the creation of seven different types of 1982 business-strike Lincoln Cents, including:

  • 1982 brass large date
  • 1982 brass small date
  • 1982 zinc large date
  • 1982 zinc small date
  • 1982-D brass large date
  • 1982-D zinc large date
  • 1982-D zinc small date

Add in the 1982-S Lincoln Cent Proof, which was struck in brass and boasts a large date motif, and the coin collector has eight basic 1982 Lincoln Cents to chase after. But how do you tell these 1982 pennies apart?

How to Easily Decipher the Different 1982 Lincoln Cent Varieties

small date and large date 1982 Lincoln Cents

On small-date 1982 cents, the “8” in the date is roughly the same height as the “1” and “2,” meaning a straight line can run across the tops and bottoms of those digits in the date. On the other hand, the “8” on the large-date coin looks relatively fat and is longer than the “2.”

As for telling brass and zinc 1982 cents apart, Charles Daughtrey (http://www.coppercoins.com), the renowned Lincoln Cent expert who wrote the foreword to Q. David Bowers’ A Guide Book of Lincoln Cents (2008), says he can tell the two types of coins apart with his eyes closed.

“I listen to the ring,” he says. “The copper cent has a light ring to it that resonates after being dropped. Zinc cents don’t ring – there’s just a ‘thud’.”

There are many other ways to tell the two metallic varieties apart though, including weighing 1982 pennies.

“The best scale to use for weighing your 1982 cents is one that measures down to at least the tenth of a gram,” he says; brass 1982 cents weigh 3.11 grams whereas the zinc cents come in at just 2.5 grams. He says tipping balance scales also make it easy to tell brass cents apart from zinc.

Daughtrey also goes by the look of the coins, which are especially distinct in the case of circulated 1982 cents.

“Worn copper 1982 cents usually have a nice, brown patina. Zinc cents are usually splotched or mottled in color and sometimes have little bumps or other surface defects that are attributed to inherent problems with the zinc-copper metal combination,” he explains. “Uncirculated 1982 zinc cents often do look much like the copper type, and that’s where weighing the coins is useful in telling them apart.”

Which 1982 Cents Are the Most Valuable?

Numismatists who think there is little to get excited about collecting 1982 Lincoln Cents should think twice, because, according to Daughtrey, there are plenty of interesting die varieties (some quite valuable) among 1982 pennies. The most valuable known 1982 die variety, the doubled die reverse zinc small-date cent, was discovered in 2007.

1982 Small Date on Zinc

“To date, only three have been found,” he reports. “I facilitated the sale of a brown AU specimen that sold for thousands of dollars. If a choice Red BU exists, it could sell for $15,000. They’re extremely rare.”

The 1982 brass large date obverse doubled die cent is also a significant die variety for the year, though with a value of about $25 in MS-60, it is worth substantially less than its small-date zinc doubled die counterpart.

“There’s strong doubling in “In God We Trust,” Daughtrey says.

He also suggests that coin collectors should examine all of their 1982 cents closely, because while he says there are perhaps 19 or 20 known die varieties for the year, many more likely exist.

“When it comes to die varieties, a lot of collectors just follow what they know exists according to cherrypicking guides.”

He comments that astute coin collectors will pick out the coins that may not have yet been attributed, and that they need to be on the lookout for minor variations in all parts of the design. The Lincoln Cent aficionado also says that while it can be a lot of fun looking for the different die varieties, collectors should remember that not all are worth a bundle.

“Normally, only the mainstream die varieties really have a lot of value to them.”

In addition to die varieties, Daughtrey says some ordinary specimens of the seven main 1982 pennies are worth much more than face value alone.

“The Philly small-date zinc cents bring the most money – they’re the toughest, and I’d pay $30 per (50-coin) roll for those in uncirculated. The copper small-date cents are also tough, but they’re not worth as much.”

He says rolls of all the other 1982 cent varieties are worth $2-4 in uncirculated grades.

While the dearth of uncirculated sets and bag collectors have largely made 1982- and 1983-dated Jefferson Nickels, Roosevelt Dimes, and Washington Quarters quite scarce in the uncirculated grades, he says the situation has always been different for the 1982 pennies.

“I was in the eighth grade when the 1982 cents came out, and the guys back then collecting these coins were already looking for the small-date Philly cents because they were known to be scarce, and by ’83 or ’84 these coins were tough. So, there was a small bag hoarding craze for the 1982 cents.”

Daughtrey thinks one reason there were so many people collecting bags of 1982 cents back in the day has a lot to do with the 1960 large- and small-date varieties that were released two decades earlier.

“In 1982, many of the people who were looking for those 1960 cent varieties, when bag collecting was growing, were still collecting coins in the early 1980s.”

He does say though that most high-grade business-strike coins come from uncirculated sets, which is why finding premium-quality 1982 cents is so difficult. It is among the high-grade Lincoln Cents where he has seen a lot of activity these days, especially for the MS66, MS67, and MS68 pieces – the kinds that registry set builders get excited about.

“[Registry set builders] will spend big bucks for these,” he says. “Values for a lot of the 1982-86 Lincoln Cents in the MS-67+ grades are going through the roof price-wise.”

Check Your Change

“When we [picked] up a coin like the 1931-S Buffalo Nickel, which isn’t rare, people back in the day, when the coin was still new, understood these pieces were kind of scarce. Imagine what happened for the people who in, say 1935 or 1940, picked out every ’31-S Buffalo nickel they came across in circulation,” Daughtrey poses. “The ’31-S may not have been worth a lot in 1935, but if collectors had the insight to save them, their heirs would have some money from a handful of those coins.”

For the record, the 1931-S Buffalo Nickel has a mintage of 1,200,000 and is worth about $15 in Good-4, $25 in Very Fine-20, and $35 in Extremely Fine-40.

So, what does Daughtrey look for in his pocket change? When it comes to Lincoln Cents, he keeps his eyes peeled for any 1982 cents that appear to grade AU or higher.

“Generally, the lowest grade you’ll find for ’82 cents is XF. I also avoid pulling out damaged coins or those that look like they’re rotting.” As an aside, he says he keeps all the better-looking 1986 cents, too.

* * *

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  1. I have a 1982 D large 8 i think that is has a double cud i am not sure because i cant find anything like it can u plz help

    • A die cud could be on just one coin,or a thousand,an not nessicarilly in the same spot .does it appear to be weathered with the rest of the coin,are the raised edges shiney like they have been done since the coin had been issued,does it go in to other parts of the coin such as letters,dates or mintmarks on the coin?

  2. I hava at lot pennys from that one and others ones but i dont know nothing about it and a would like cant sale them. Like 1968 1969s 1964 1960 1966 and others please some person bring me some help and sorry by my inglish i am from mexico border to usa

  3. I have a bag of 1982 p sm date and 2 bags of 1982 p large date all three copper can anyone tell me how to find value of them I’ve tried n tried can’t find anything I can find roll values also have 850 rolls of 1997 p pennies

      • I have an 1982 that doesn’t have a d and has all the right marking that would make its value at 15,000 dollar if interested in making a deal let me no I have other coins to that you can look at thank you if you have any questions please call xxx xxx xxxx or xxx xxx xxxx or xxxxxxxxxx or tx xxxxxxxxxx

      • Hi my name is Rhett Pennington I believe I have the small 1982 d copper penny I weighed it and it weighs 3.1 and I have studied the differences of the large and small for hours so if you can help me contact me

  4. I have a 1982 small date double die red penny,1982 small date red and brown double die penny,1982 small date double die off centered red penny,1982 d big date off centered red penny,1982 d small date double die off centered more brown than red,1982 d small date double die off centered and it’s a red penny feels light. So are these worth anything.

  5. I have a 1982 D large date copper that’s missing the lincoln statue . The cent isn’t worn out. All other facits of coin are nicely struck and raised. Including columns on memorial. Just wondering if this is a known die variety? Or has anybody else seen or heard of one like it?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. I have a 1982 large print zinc coin and would like to have it appraised. Not really sure what it’s worth or if it’s worth anything. Can send picture. It’s in excellent condition.

  7. We found a 1982 Lincoln Penny and next to Lincoln’s head is an engraving a football player, punting a football over the goal. He has the number 27 on him.

    Is this coin rare?

  8. I have a lincoln cent with no date or mint mark. This coin was not tampered with . There are no markings at all . Can anyone tell me anything about this kind of coin and the value coins like this go for.

    • I also have penny’s that have no mint marks between the years of1960’s to 2015. I have a 1974D penny that is very odd the 9 has a cud like thing filling the top of the nine and the reverse side it looks like a floating S or a 8 on the top edge of the O In the word ONE. I also have a quarter that I will be posting soon that has a mirole in the hair, I’m not sure where I should post it. Any ideas?

  9. I have 3 1982 pennies,I have more 1982 pennies but these 3 are totally different from the rest and they’re weight is 3.1 not like others at 2.5 they are different colors.ive been trying to find pictures of pennies like them and I find none,can anyone help me find the true value of these coins.

    • The 1982 D small date was only meant to be struck on zinc and not copper. Weigh all 1982D pennies and pick out the ones that weigh 3.1 grams as they’re copper. Then check for the small date. If you find one in any condition they’re worth thousands. The better the condition the more the coin is worth.
      Good luck!

      • Mr. Peters, Based on your insights above, I have a 1982 D, small date copper penny, that was weighed by a friend that is in law enforcement, on one of their drug scales. It weighed exactly 3.1 grams. My question is where would be the best place to sell it? Thanks for any insights you have in that too.

  10. I have a 1982 no mint mark on the back where it says united states of america the sta on states isn’t printed and its all in bold just curious on something like that

  11. I have a 82 Lincoln small date the liberty looks stamped slightly over coin in good shape plated zinc. More info on what to do from here would like to compair and part with if infect have good coin

  12. I have the 2.5g sm date d with all the DBL strikes front & reverse all letters & numbers ( date & mint mark also DBL struck memorial pillars also DBL and the statue DBL struck and multiple places …This coin was obviously flipped during its reverse side, striking , while the pillars and chair were stamped into ea other ,then with the extra pressure the two imprints both chair and Lincoln figure ,as well as the tool for pillars carried over to the other side striking 3 dift images of the chair and Lincoln and indented into the last two numbers of the date (8 being drove into the divet &the two relocated to the edge of the rim as did the mint mark the pillars imprinted along side the 8 and the Lincoln figure also in the dent shaped from the chair and can see the figure in 4 or four locations .. truly making this 2.5 g sm d D mint the most ultra rare if this discription is accurate and verified I do believe this is a one of one also $15,000 won’t even come close …… Hit high or stay at home , but also have two lg date Philly, 1982’s zinc both at 2.5 gs and sport all the DBL strikes as well as three overstrikes both sides 7 hits price on these two and one sm date dd 82 with all the bling is up now ..,. Way up ? So let the number crunching begin ! I have both two ,lg ( no mm ) w errors and 2 sm date w D mark and 100% DBL strikes on all letters &numbers both sides( ALL) and the pillars are DD stuck as I’d the statues ( and one of the 1982 D’s has all the extra multi strikes on the other side of the coin . An amazing find this one was ‘!!! Whoo hoo ! I can msg via text or email also on Facebook 618-334-3148 …” The one coin where Lincoln has left the building and gone to the other side ” ultra,ultra rare !

  13. I have a 1987 penny, that has a bit of wear although the date is clearly written 19B7. No mint mark. Is this perhaps a fake? Or possibly a flaw. I’ve looked around but have not found nothing like it. Please let me know if you know anything, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Caroline B.

  14. This is Eric my email is [email protected]. I have a 1982 small print in god we trust penny I am willing to sell. It is lightly scratched on back and is basically mint condition . I put the wrong email my first post.

    • I have a 1982 small date,and I am stepping up with this…it has a very distinctive doubling,I haven’t seen another one like it…it’s really nice to see all features and get a great visual..I am looking for real serious recommendations for this coin…

  15. I have about 40 steel pennies some you can see the white on them , but some look different like brown and no scratches. 1943 pennies

  16. I have been searching and looking at coins for a few months now I understand to some that’s not long, however I feel like it may have been what I’m supposed to be doing. I recently within the past week found out that I come from a family of shiny collectors so I am going to say may be for sanity reasons it’s called on me!!
    Ok so I have error coins it’s easier to show them than to talk on them but I have uncirculated double dies and 4/ 6 eyes and bies and I’m scared to even tell anyone anything at this point I feel strange I suppose… a collector

  17. I have a 1982 no mint mark penny with doubleing on the front and back. And it looks like it might be a small date but im not positive on that. Do u know what in the ballpark its value might be. Ive looked it up and called every where but i cant get an answer on it. So please if u can help contact me and ill send a picture thanks. I also have a few 1960 pennys that might be worth some thing.

  18. Hello i watched a video on you tube about a1985 wide am penny and the guy said it was worth a good chunk of money if found. Well i found two in my penny collection but all pennies were supposed to be wide ams until 93 i think but he showed a close and wide penny together.do you know anything about this cus if its true then ive hit some. Money but i think he had it backwards for some reason.

  19. I have repeatedly weighed my 1982 zinc coins and arrived at weights for zinc between 2.4-2.56 g and weights for copper as much as 3.16 to just barely over 3 grams, but there is one 1982 which is puzzling me because it doesn’t fit in either one of those weight parameters for zinc and copper coins respectively. In fact it weighs 2.8-2.81 g.
    Is this cent minted on a foreign coin planchet? With my experience with copper cents, they seldom degrade a lot. And to degrade .29 g -.3 g seems almost impossible.3.11-2.81 g. The mint’s weight variance for zinc pennies is set by law at .13g.
    2.8g-2.5g=..3g which is more than double the variance.
    I actually dropped it on a granite counter and it didn’t ring like copper coins do? I am stumped.

    • I just discovered that I have a 1984-D of that weight (2.8 grams). I weighed it because it looked and felt like a copper cent. I posted this coin to the errors group on facebook, and so far the only reply I’ve gotten is the typical “it’s normal” response. Uh, right.

      While waiting for someone to hopefully come up with something a bit more thoughtful, I continued researching, and I believe I finally hit pay dirt.

      Before Canada killed their penny, they switched to steel core, and before they switched to steel core, they progressively lowered the weight of the brass planchet every few years.

      From 1980-81, that was the exact weight of the Canadian cent. The US Mint has a long history of producing coins for Canada.

      I still have not discovered any other examples of this planchet in a 1984 cent, but, it’s been less than 24 hours since I discovered mine, so there may be more out there. (I hope not! :)

  20. I decided to make a fulcrum scale and after rechecking and checking again i seem to have stumbled onto 12- 1982 d small date copper pennies. I would be interested in selling them for a resonable offer. I also have an extensive collection of wheats in good condition dating to a 1909 vdb

    • Al: for anything potentially valued over $50-$75 you might want to consider have the coins certified. Makes it a lot easier to sell directly or to put in any auction like eBay or Great Collections

  21. I believe I have the Small date 82D and large date. I weighed them and it was back and forth 3.1,3.2. I have looked at them so much I’m second guessing myself. What are your suggestions for me.

  22. I have 2 small date 1982 d pennies that weigh3.1g I’m interested in selling them, I also have a 1982 no mint that weighs 3.1g not sure the value on it but I’m interested in selling it as well.

  23. Please share any information on 1980 varieties that weigh 2.8g. They’re out there and so little information on them and they’re outside of the mint tolerances so a strong possibility is a leftover foriegn planchet . I’ve searched and found almost nothing and this maybe a new variety from the 1982 pennies.

  24. Good morning friends. I am a little on the confused side with these six copper uncirculated. 1982 sm dt pennies been holding on to. I am not sure how much they are worth? The one is has a, 5% off-center obverse. And on the reverse side. Very close to the 1983 double die reverse error. This is one of my favorites. Even the building got shifted by the “UNITED”. Very strong reverse double on the other ones to. I did how ever weigh it. The scale told me, 3.1grams. I know the zinc is worth a lot more. But, what about these? Can anyone please help me? And if you are interested of buying one. That would be great to. Alright my friends. I am going to leave my name and email to contact me. So I can send you pics of this awesome bu-red condition coin error. Have a great day!~ Brian

  25. hi, i have a large date zinc 1982 lincoln penny with no mint and there are letters behind “united states” and behind “in god we trust” how much would it be worth? i am new to this and need all the help i can get! lol ! THANK U!!

  26. My 1982 small date double die zinc penny have any value? Look clean no scratches, small bobble inside the monument doubled reverse,observe a chip on the left side of T. Thanks.

  27. morning, i spent lastnight rummaging through my memorial pennies and finally was able to look into the 1982, i seem to have 20 zincs (2.5) and 24 coppers (3.1) on scale, both styles are with and without mints, what should i do next?

  28. Hello.. Im from philippines, i have a 1982 small date.. how much it cost? i can send you anytime the picture.. thank you..

  29. I have a problem and need help?! I have a 1924 Lincoln wheat cent. My question or comment is not so much to do with the 1982 copper vs zinc pennies. Rather I question if the weights of Lincoln cents, as stated for Copper, Steel or Zinc and whether weight is a reliable factor in determining the mint year. (i.e. Wheat Cents, excluding 1943 are of the copper composition years and weigh 3.1gr.)
    I tend to believe the facts as they are written and I’m way too much of a novice to buck those in the know! However my reason for the inquiry is the aforementioned 1924 Lincoln “wheat cent” (which I found sheerly by accident.). While going through old pennies I mistook the date of this 1924 penny for a 1944. Checking for steel I put it on my scale as I was doing with the rest of the 1944s I found. Imagine my excitement when it weighed 2.7 gr.! I thought for a second I had come upon one of the allusive 1944 steel pennies! On second glance just to double check what I thought I found, there was the “1924” date staring me in the face. Was of course disappointed but I’m thinking… unless there is someone out there who can perhaps help me with a logical explanation, I may have an even more allusive wheat penny than I initially thought!!
    And NO, it did not stick to a magnet.
    Any thoughts?

    • Hi Donna! I’m Kelli. :^) I realize that this question was posted 3 years ago….. ;-P And there is a strong possibility that you gave up on us long ago…..? :- / Hope not… This is a good question. :-) It’s one that everyone should know the answer to. That way you are able to recognize that planchet error and sell that beauty for the big bucks! ;-) So I’m gonna answer this for Donna, and for others who may have stumbled upon this page seeking this surprisingly difficult answer to find. :-/ For newbies, that are still trying to figure out the basics.. Still confused about the P mint mark or lack there of… ? LOL Don’t worry, you will be old hat before you know it! :-D and for those of you who feel like its been too long for you to ask such a question…? Like you should know already? Bologna!! You WILL NEVER know all there is to know about numismatics… Just face it. In fact, for me it’s one of the main reasons I love this hobby. Zero potential for boredom..;0) (The potential for discovering treasure is also cool. ;0) Ok, so I’m usually a fairly astute researcher and I had a difficult time obtaining the answer to this question initially…So, I may have had difficulty with finding this information because I wasn’t quite sure how to even ask the question in the first place? I had to learn the language of the natives before I could ask them for directions. So to speak.. :-) LOL! And they have a lot of Jargon and abbreviations that are so foreign that even creating a relation between words to assist with memorization is just that much more difficult….So.. Donna! 8^D, What you are curious about is called “Weight Tolerance.” Its basically an acceptable over +/ under – that is “tolerated” to allow for a coin to still be legal within set parameters above and below the denominations specified weight. I can imagine there are many scenarios that could cause a slight variance in a coins weight as it travels through the creation process? The Treasury also considered that there may be some unavoidable variations and had the foresight? Hindsight maybe?(Idk? Anyone?) to predetermine their “Tolerance” for these inevitabilities.

      The current weight tolerances for all United States coins are as follows:
      Denominations: Weight: Tolerance:
      Steel Cent – 2.689g = +\- 0.13
      (1909-1982) – 2.50g = +\- 0.13
      Lincoln Cent – (1982-Present) 3.11g = +\- 0.10
      Nickel – (1866-Present) 5.00g = +\- 0.194
      Dime – (Silver-1964) 2.5g = +\- 0.097
      (1964-Present) 2.268g = +\- 0.091
      Quarter – (Silver-1964) 6.25g = +\- 0.194
      – (Clad-1965-Present) 5.67g = +\- .227

      Kennedy HLF 1965-1970 = 11.50g = +\- 0.40
      1971-present 11.34g = +\- 0.454

      • Hi Kelli, I have a 1982 S small print penny that weighs 3.09 g. Should I have it graded? Also do you know how much it costs for grading and which auction house?

  30. Please tell me if a zinc small date no mint has value? I looked it up do to the fact of the doubling on the back. I’m still in sire do to so many sites to read about 82 coins
    I just want to know about this one in particular..
    Thank you
    Mrs. Hanscom

  31. I have quite a few of the 1982 pennies that are copper, in both small and large dates that weight 3.1grams with D mint mark and without mint mark, are they worth anything?

  32. I have a 1982 no mints it weighs 3.11 and it’s red and the 8 and the one is higher than the 9and the 2 and it’s in perfect condition

  33. Anyone know of an 82 large date copper being struck over another coin. In the same sense the 1970 proof quarter is struck over a 1946 Canadien. I can see very definitively bushy leaves so I’m going to start searching copper foreign coins to try and find the same bushy leaves. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks

  34. Hello, I just opened a sparkletts bottle of pennies from the 60’s through the 90’s. We have 2 more to open, been in the family for decades since my wife was a little girl.

    I have found tons of pennies in what I think is uncirculated condition. Several 1983 D and 1982 small date in there. tons from 60s and 70’s.

    What do I have here? is this worth going through with a fine tooth comb?

    Somebody please advise. Thank you.

  35. Can someone point me in the right direction. I have stumbled upon a 1982 small dated, double stanped (on the Lincoln side) , weighs 3.11 grams . My girlfriend tell a me it’s worth a lot. Can some one tell me it worth or tell where I can find out.
    Thank you

  36. I have a 1982 no mint large date Lincoln cent weighing 3.1g, in addition it has a mint rim error. It looks like a second rim all the way around the obverse side of the coin. It runs through “In God We Trust” which is thickly lettered, Runs between the ‘L’ and ‘I’ in LIBERTY and also through the 1982 date(disfiguring the 2 in the date)…On the reverse side some of the lettering in UNITED STATES isn’t raised like the other letters instead they are smoothed down to flush against the coin. Has anyone else run across these errors on this coin?

  37. Hello I am wondering about a 1982 penny I have. It seeks on the back there may have been a error on the back on the t for states. Wondering if anyone that knows their coins could reply and allow me to send a picture or few for their opinion.
    Also have a 1916 might be double die.

  38. I need some help i have a 1982 copper minted D coin im pretty sure i see small print but i dont know there is only 2 found that would make this the 3rd so please help

  39. Hey buddy thank you for your service I have a 1983 penny 2.5 g also a 1980 lincoln penny that is 3.1 g is it worth any money no Mint mark Dude I’m hooked
    I have been picking up pennies for a while never really looking at them until now

  40. I have a 1982 p small date in very fine shape in a bag that I’ve had put back with a bunch of 60 and 70 Penny’s I had put for years. I have several 82 in different ones but this one has a little bit of rim on the bottom. On the rim it has like burnt spot’s on it were God is at a piece of something metal like looks like were a welder has been I’ve had these coins put up for years their all in nice shape these coins are on point you would have to look for you’re self

  41. I think the double ear are own the d Penny large copper Penny. it ways 3.06 very nice coin in nice shape. I have a 82 p Penny is in beautiful shape it is a large date.It ways 3.02 nice Penny.

  42. I have a small date 82 p nice shape but the rim is like burnt spots around the rim it ways 2.46 this coin is excellent shape.

  43. Here is a 82 d large copper penny that ways 3.05 very nice shape any body that collects coins would love to have these coins in very nice shape this coin has a error on it going across the body is like a nice rub type goes across the body to the date nice coin in nice shape.

  44. Very good information. I recently found in pocket change a Lincoln cent dated 1982-D, measures up to be small print and it weighs 3.1 gram. What’s really interesting is I also have another 1982 penny, that weigh’s much less but it’s also missing the reverse side of it’s copper coating and all of the zinc is exposed. I don’t really know what to think about how the whole reverse side of it became exposed. The penny is extremely thin especially on one side.

  45. Hello all I have a penny from 1982 that I found in my change that I believe by looking at is that is has a small d as well and a small m can anyone help and tell me what I should do next?

  46. Found the large date copper DDO 1982 that has the doubling on the in god we trust the coin itself is pretty good shape on the reverse of this coin there is a crack on the left side of the building and on the right side there is a crack I don’t know for sure if this would be a marking for this coin or not don’t know a hole lot about this error.

  47. Do believe I have found the 4th small date zinc 1982 DDR sending photos to heritage auction and it’s red

    • Hey Mark Gleixner did you confirm your 1982 sm date zinc ddr ? Is it posted anywhere I can view it or will you please post pics ? thanks

  48. Hey I without a doubt have a small date 1982 d mint penny with double die obverse. I’m not a collector and have no clue what to do. The doubling is in Lincoln’s head. Very obvious. Very cool

  49. I have coin 3 coin 1982 D…they diferent weight .3.09/ small date 3.10/3.09 large date
    If they have like my coin just email me.

  50. I have a 1982 copper large date no mint mark that’s been flipped it has the back of the penny imprinted throughout Lincoln face and on the front and also has some of the front imprinted onto the back of the penny.



  52. I have a 1982 small date 3.11 g penny I was just wondering does anybody know exactly what it’s worth it has no mint mark please and thank you

  53. I recently found a 1982 large date no ment mark it appears to be missing the entire outer clad layer. Any idea what this might be worth. I found it in some penny rolls I had been looking through.

  54. Well believe that I have a 1982 d with the double die on both sides of the coin Brown is pretty neat and and I believe it’s a high date it’s a real nice coin I haven’t waited but it’s one okay I also couple pictures I took it shows me a shadow of Lincoln’s head now one time there a couple times what should I do

  55. i believe i have the one 1982 D small mint mark penny i haven’t had it weighed i will tomorrow i also have 1982 with mint mark how can i send you pictures


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