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Coin Auctions: Goldberg Pre Long Beach and Dan Holmes Sale Results

January 30, 2011 The Dan Holmes Sale, Part IV

This was a memorable session which concluded the auction of this historic and memorable collection. Many bidders attended the pre-auction party the night before the sale, and celebrated again with the family after Sunday’s active session. Part IV of the collection, Late Date Large Cents, realized $1,093,816.

January 31-February 2, 2011 The Pre-Long Beach Auction
Many bidders attending via phone, web, and on the floor for United States Coins and Currency, Ancient and World Coins. Coins from China went through the roof, well exceeding the catalogue’s modest estimates. Session 6, World Gold, grossed $2,120,660 with 870 sold lots. Session 7, World Crowns and Minors, grossed $702,628, with 743 lots sold. Ancient and Judean coins did well with many ancients realizing well over estimate, and grossed $1, 139, 046.

Star of the Sale

Lot 1413 1796. 16 stars. PCGS graded MS-64.

Well struck with gorgeous reflective surfaces throughout. Only 1 finer which is graded MS66 in a Texas collection. The finest example we have ever handled in 50 years. The gorgeous Mint State coin offered in this sale is part of the illustrious, and very rare draped bust, small eagle series of early half dollar. This Type consists of only two dates, 1796 and 1797, each of which is represented by two die varieties. The 1796 issue with 15 obverse stars is Overton 101, that with 16 stars is categorized as Overton 102. The 16 stars coin was said to be made after the admission of Tennessee to the Union on June 1, 1796. Tennessee became the 16th state, hence, 16 stars.

Curiously, all 1796 and 1797 half dollars are thought to have been minted in 1797 as part of three deliveries. Mint records show that the first delivery was made on February 28, 1797 (60 coins), the second delivery on March 21 (874 coins), and the final one on May 26 (2,984 coins). Breen (Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins), makes the assumption that the February delivery contained those with 15 stars; while the coins minted in March included some 1796 with 15 stars and others with 16 stars (Later production in May consisted mostly of 1797-dated pieces but may have included the last of the 1796’s with 16 stars.)

Fewer than 4,000 small eagle half dollars were struck in 1796 and 1797 combined. Of these, no more than 5% exist in collectors’ hands or in museum collection, the vast majority of which show extensive wear, often with retooling or plug-filled holes. This piece compares favorably with the very best survivors, and it is not far removed from the finest 1796 half dollar, the MS-66 graded by PCGS that now resides in a well known collection that may never be sold. A shimmering, pewter-gray to steel toned coin radiating mint prooflike glow on gorgeous almost medallic-gem quality silver surfaces. There are some adjustment marks criss-crossing the eagle’s breast. Sharp detail on all devices is typical for this issue; however, with present Mint State 64 we see a wonderful crisp strike found on the stars, hair curls, and Liberty’s drapery. The eagle, barring the inconstancies of the adjustment lines, shows great depth of detail, as do the supporting branches of the wreath, with laurel represented at the left, and a palm branch on the right. A marvel of preservation! Pop 1; 1 better in 66. Only 2 Mint State examples graded by PCGS (PCGS # 6058) .
Estimated Value $300,000-UP. Sold for $545,000
Ex: ANR’s 3/2004 Haig Koshkarian Collection.

Other Highlights:

Lot 771 1794 Cent PCGS AU-50 $86,250Lot 1640 1885 $1 NGC PR-69 Star Cameo $92,500
Lot 2366 1915-S Pan Pac Round $50 NGC MS-65 $115,000
Lot 2365 1915-S $50 Pan Pac Round PCGS MS-64 $86,250

Top World and Ancient lots of Sessions 5-7:
Lot 3123, Jewish War Year 3 Shekel EF $18,975
Lot 3125, Jewish War Year 4 Shekel EF $28,750
Lot 3132, Judea Capta Gold Aureus $46,000.
Lot 3164, EF Gold Pentadrachm of Egypt $52,900

Lot 3383 China Gold 5 Taels EF $33,650
Lot 3403 China Gold Square 3 Taels EF $39,100
Lot 3410 China 5 Tael Gold Bar EF $29,900
Lot 3440 China, 1992 Platinum 100 Yuan Choice Brilliant Proof $86,250
Lot 3641, Great Britain 1676 2 Guineas NGC Spec 63 $63,250
Lot 3643, Great Britain 1648 NGC MS-63 Guinea $20,412

The total sale realized over $14 Million with over 92% sell-through rate.
Total Prices realized and complete catalogue can be found on www.goldbergcoins.com.

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