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Coin Board News – Summer 2012

By David lange –www.coincollectingboards.com


There’s not a lot to report with respect to internet offerings, which have been unremarkable this past quarter. I’ve been slowly selling coin boards through my eBay store Cagemast Coin Boards and Albums, but it is the albums which seem to attract more buyers. Most of the boards sold by others have been relatively common items of average quality, but I was outbid on a few nicer items, none of them truly rare. One seller has an appealing assortment of Colonial brand boards for sale as a Buy-it-Now offering at a figure over retail value, and the several offers he’s received from me and others have not met with success. I did purchase a large (50+) collection of coin boards from the son of a deceased board collector, and this included some choice items that were quickly placed with want-list customers. There are still about three dozen items remaining from this purchase, and some of them will be found within the accompanying list Number 123.


Coin Boards

Another error reported to me (sigh) is that Oberwise variety O1¢Bv.1, described in my book as having dates through 1941, in fact does not, which I confirmed by examining my own example. Its description is otherwise correct. O1¢Bv.2 is now known in two minor varieties: O1¢Bv.2a has mintages through “9 months” of 1940, and O1¢Bv.2b is updated with mintages through “10 months.” O10¢Bv has been renumbered to O10¢Bv.2 (mintages complete through 1940), and O10¢Bv.1 is added (“11 months”).

New backing varieties for Oberwise boards include O5¢Bx, O10¢Ag, O10¢Bg, O25¢An and O25¢Cg. In fact, there’s actually a new variety of backing altogether: Variety ‘n’ is now known with either the 1308 address (n1) or later 1317 address (n2). I’ve opted to not reassign all the Oberwise numbers based on this information, and ‘n’ alone will continue to be used in each instance. While I usually value accuracy above all, there’s a limit to how far one can go with details before collecting coin boards ceases to be fun!


I’ve been keeping pretty close to home this year, at least with respect to coin shows, but I’ll be co-manning the NGC spread at the ANA Convention in Philadelphia, August 7-11. Before that event I’ll be instructing a class on collecting United States type coins at the ANA’s Summer Seminar, June 23-29 in Colorado Springs. Co-instructor Frank Van Valen of Stacks/Bowers will be on hand, as usual, and it’s always a great week for everyone involved.

I also have tentative plans to meet with the son of one of the original coin board publishers, and I hope to have a report on this experience in the next issue of Coin Board News.

I recently spent a few days in Pennsylvania performing research for my next book on National Coin Albums and related items, and the manuscript for this first volume is about 80% complete. One chapter is already with my layout designer, and I hope to have the book in print sometime early next year.

Dave Lange

David Lange
David Lange
The author of several books on United States numismatics, David W. Lange received numerous awards and accolades from both the ANA and the NLG. David was the former President of the Pacific Coast Numismatic Society, the California State Numismatic Association, and the New Jersey Numismatic Society. He also had memberships in the ANA, the NLG, the ANS, the LSCC, the EAC, the BCCS, and the Rittenhouse Society. Career highlights included the launching of NGC's Photo Proof and writing historical copy for the United States Mint's website and H.I.P. Pocket Change program for kids. His specialties have included Seated Liberty silver, Philippine coinage under U.S. administration, and British coinage from 1816-1970. In 2007, David published the first comprehensive reference to Coin Collecting Boards of the 1930s and '40s, and for over a decade published Coin Board News four times a year. David Lange died on January 16, 2023. He is missed.

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