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Why Coin Collectors and Dealers Need Coin Insurance for Their Collections. VIDEO: 2:59

Alex O’Hare, Deputy Director, Hugh Wood, Inc.
Interviewer: David Lisot……..

Alex O’Hare is deputy director of the Hugh Wood that sells coin insurance to the numismatic industry.

Alex explains why collectors and dealers may need insurance to protect their holdings.

She shares some common misconceptions people have about the safety of keeping collectibles in bank safe deposit vaults.

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American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money

The country’s premier coin show and convention,  is held every summer at cities around the country. This year the show was hosted in Chicago, Il. The convention features spectacular educational programs and events, and the most stunning collections of early American rarities ever assembled for the ANA’s signature Museum Showcase.

The  bourse, which is always sold out,  includes the finest rare coin and currency dealers in the world, with special sections for U.S., world and ancient coins as well as paper money. The Mint Promenade will features representatives of world mints from  five continents along with collector exhibits.

For more information about the ANA or any of its conventions, visit www.money.org and/or visit the Coin and Paper Money Shows  section on Coinweek for the latest information, news stories and calendar of upcoming shows.

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  1. No info available on HW, Inc. site regarding insurance costs or rates. To get a price, you’ll have to bear your soul via their application form…what you have and where you have it. That’s not going to happen for a lot of people…

    • Ed:
      Certainly understand the privacy conerns, but it would seem impossible to provide a quote for insurance without knowing what the risk actually is ( ie…. specifics on the coins, where they are stored, security measures, etc) Perhaps best to just give them a call.


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