CoinWeek Podcast #99: Where Coin Dealers Help Coin Dealers

CoinWeek Podcast #99: Where Coin Dealers Help Coin Dealers

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This week on the CoinWeek Podcast, CoinWeek Editor Charles Morgan has an in-depth conversation with coin dealer Rob Oberth, owner of Oberth Rare Coins & Currency in Marietta, Georgia, and founder of the Facebook group Coin Dealers Helping Coin Dealers.

We’ve followed this dealer to dealer trading group since its infancy and watched it grow to an active trading group with hundreds of active dealer participants. Coin Dealers Helping Coin Dealers is an social media trading and communication group that connects local dealers to other dealers from across the country, establishing a venue for the real-time appraisal and sale of merchandise as it comes through the door.

It is, if you will, an opportunity for instant capitalization and sale of rare and not-so-rare coins.

The Coin Dealers Helping Coin Dealers group has created quite a buzz at many a coin show, and many private conversations we’ve had with dealers over the course of the past year tell us that this group has real potential to add a dynamic element to the backend of the coin industry – which, for smaller, localized dealers, has been sorely lacking.

How does this group impact you as a collector? We’ll ask Rob and find out… next on the CoinWeek Podcast.

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