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Cool Coins Video from the Dallas ANA Money Show 2012

Gary Adkins, Gary Adkins & Associates, 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter XF45, Dr. Eugene Bruder, 1847 Hawaii Cent, PCGS63, Dan Duncan, Pinnacle Rarities, 1916 Pattern Walking Liberty Half PRF64, Bob Green, Park Avenue Numismatics, 1932 $20 St. Gaudens MS65, Earnest Palms, Dillon Gage Metals, 1893-CC Morgan Dollar MS-64, Allen Rowe, Northern Nevada Coin, 1873-CC Seated Dollar, F15.
Interviewer: David Lisot – CoinWeek Executive Producer

More of the ever-popular “Cool Coin” series as David Lisot continues his efforts to find the most interesting coins in all of numismatics.

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ANA Money Show
Dallas, Texas

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  1. David I hope you read this because I honestly believe that your on to something big hear. Why haven’t Discovery Channel signed you up yet? If anything so you can be a producer. Its a shame as well as a benefit that so many people are not interested in this trade/collecting. I say under the age of 40 and it breaks my heart. These coins are all COOL and I’m so thankful and privileged to have found this video. I think Bob Green was skeptical at first with speaking. Either way once he got going he really showed his appreciation and excitement with it all. Then again id be pretty happy to if I had some rare gold piece in my hand.

  2. That’s a great idea Michael. Having David going to shows and showing not just collectors but the public at large cool stuff would spark a lot of interest in coins and paper money. I learn things in every episode David has and I’m not a novice at all. The ANA worries about an aging in the industry, well here’s your answer, at least a part of it. Antiques Roadshow , Pawnstars are big hits with the public, I can’t see how this wouldn’t be.
    You could also have short segments on education, and history around the coins. Also segments on people and dealers great finds and scores would be cool too.


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