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DLRC Announces Sale of D.L. Hansen Collection of U.S. Coins

David Lawrence Rare Coins Red Carpet Rarities Sale, March 28, 2024.

DLRC (formerly David Lawrence Rare Coins) and collector Dell Loy Hansen are excited to announce the upcoming sale of coins from the D.L. Hansen Collection. Partnering with DLRC’s new Red Carpet Rarities Auction Series, the upcoming sales of duplicates from the primary collection will be featured in a series of upcoming auction events starting in March, with the first auction scheduled to end on March 28.

The Red Carpet Rarities Auction Series is specially designed and hand-curated to feature a selection of no more than 100 coins each week, featuring important collections, registry-quality coins, key dates, and other meaningful numismatic items. These exclusive auction events, closing on Thursday nights, began in January 2024 and will be continuing on a weekly basis.

The D.L. Hansen Collection is the first and only privately held collection of regular issue U.S. coins from 1792 to present. According to Hansen:

“This was just an absolute passion of mine to complete something that others said was impossible! As I continued to acquire pieces for this goal, I also would upgrade existing coins along the way. As a result, I not only built a high-quality collection, I also ended up with many duplicates. Now that I’ve completed a large part of my collection, I wanted to re-introduce many of these coins to other collectors who have become my friends. As a result, I’ve chosen to partner with DLRC to auction off many duplicate coins this year!”

According to DLRC President John Brush:

“Working with Mr. Hansen has been the highlight of my career. While helping to piece this collection together we balanced Mr. Hansen’s desire for completion with the desire for quality. As a result, we did end up with quite a few pieces that were once part of the primary collection but have since been upgraded. Now we’re excited to continue to work with my friend and partner in 2024 as we launch the new auction series and help other collectors build their collections.”

Mr. Hansen continues:

“While I’m excited to share these coins once again with other collectors, my lifelong calling has also been to help others. I’m excited to use the proceeds of these coins to support numerous charities in the state of Utah and around the world. As a result, the proceeds will be going towards the Hansen Family Foundation and I’m excited to carry on the great hobby of numismatics while also helping those that are less fortunate.”

Key Selections From the D.L. Hansen Collection

1907 Saint-Gaudens double eagle graded PCGS MS63 CAC. Image: David Lawrence Rare Coins.
Image: David Lawrence Rare Coins.

Hansen’s duplicate 1907 Saint-Gaudens High Relief, Wire Rim double eagle is graded PCGS MS-63 CAC. Learn more about this historic coin by checking out CoinWeek’s collector’s guide.

1795 Flowing Hair half dime graded PCGS MS-61. Image: David Lawrence Rare Coins.
1795 Flowing Hair half dime graded PCGS MS-61. Image: David Lawrence Rare Coins.

Hansen’s duplicate 1795 Flowing Hair half dime exhibits dark rainbow toning along the periphery. The coin is graded MS-61 by PCGS. Learn more about this important early U.S. coin series by checking out CoinWeek’s Flowing Hair half dime collector’s guide.

The offerings from the D.L. Hansen Collection start this week, exclusively at

* * *

DLRC, formerly David Lawrence Rare Coins, trades and auctions U.S. rare coins certified by PCGS, NGC, and CAC. They hold weekly internet auctions and offer sellers the option of direct sale or consignment. The company was founded in 1979 by David Lawrence Feigenbaum, who ran the firm until his death. His son John took over and ran the company until 2015. In August 2015, John Feigenbaum became the Publisher of CDN Publishing and John Brush teamed up with collector Dell Loy Hansen to carry on DLRC.

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