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English Coin Rarities to Star in JustCollecting’s November 14 Auction

A look at three of the most intriguing numismatic pieces in JustCollecting’s November 14 Prestige Collectibles Auction


JustCollecting’s online November 14 Prestige Collectibles Auction, hosted on Invaluable, features a wealth of prize coins, postage stamps, and rare memorabilia. Ranging from ancient Greek to 19th-century British, the coin selection offers some tantalizing prospects for numismatists.

James I Gold 20 Shilling

The highlight of this section of the sale is one of the finest English James I (1603-1625) gold 20 shilling coins available on the market.

Minted between 1619 and 1620, the obverse depicts a laureate bust of the king surrounded by the legend “IACOBVS DG MAG BRI FRA ET HIB REX”. The reverse shows a square-topped shield containing a long cross over fourchee. The words “FACIAM EOS IN GENTEM VNAM” are struck with the Ns inverted.

Collectors have long coveted this coin. It previously sold at Christie’s in 1987, where it achieved the then extraordinary sum of £2,000. In previous years it has been referred to as a Fine Work issue (one of two known), but this designation has come under scrutiny with some scholars arguing it may simply be an unusually fine specimen – perhaps a trial or initial presentation issue. What is certain is there is only one comparable example known. The estimate is £33,000-40,000 (about $42,309-51,284 USD).

14 English Groats

A fine set of 14 English groats dating back as far as the 13th century is another prestigious offering. The rulers represented are Edward I, Edward III, Richard II, Henry VI, Henry V, Henry VI, Edward IV, Richard III, Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary, Elizabeth I and Charles I.

This exceptional collection ends in the mid-17th century. With the groat in circulation in Britain until 1856 (and 1955 in British Guiana) it’s a fascinating project for collectors of all stripes. Estimate £9,900-12,000 ($12,692-15,385).

Elizabeth I Gold Pound

The final highlight is an English Elizabeth I (1558-1603) gold pound of 20 shillings (sixth issue). The obverse bears an exceptional bust of the queen. Surrounding it – between two beaded circles – are the words ELIZABETH. D; G; ANG’. FRA’. ET: HIB’. REGINA. The reverse shows the quarter shield of arms and the words: SCVTVM: FIDEI: PROTEGET: EAM. Very fine. Estimate £7,800-8,800 ($10,000-11,282).

Live bidding is available through Invaluable here.

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