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Extraordinary Selections in Heritage NYINC World and Ancient Coins Auction

The 2021 NYINC Platinum Night & Signature auction, scheduled for January 21-22 at Coins.HA.com, promises to be one of Heritage’s best World & Ancient coin auctions yet. This auction contains an extraordinary selection of rarities that has surpassed even our own wildest expectations, spanning across every corner of the globe from ancient times to the present.

Even as the world’s leading auction house for certified coins, it is a rare opportunity that we are able to present a collection of the technical caliber of the Cape Coral Collection. Formed by a true connoisseur of the hobby with a keen eye for quality and the resources to pursue top-notch specimens wherever they might have emerged, the Cape Coral Collection of European Crowns on offer here truly captures on a selection of rarities-both conditional and absolute- that places it on par with some of the greatest coin collections ever assembled, clearly bringing to mind the likes of Millennia, Irving Goodman, John J. Pittman, and Eric P. Newman, and showcasing many pieces that indeed stem from those pedigrees.

One of the most notable themes that emerge from the Cape Coral Collection is the simply fantastic array of Scandinavian coins.

Alongside the plethora of speciedalers from the reigns of Frederick III, Frederick V, Christian VII, and Christian VIII, two key issues that especially stick out are 1671 and 1672 Danish East India Company types of Christian V, each of which is among fewer than 10 specimens believed to be in private hands. Additional highlights from Denmark include a gem-certified 1667 speciedaler of Frederick III, a 1769 speciedaler of Christian VII minted at Rethwisch (one of 51 struck) and graded MS66, and an absolutely museum-quality coronation 2 speciedaler of Frederick V.

Admirable Swedish rarities encompass the finest-certified “Seraphim” riksdaler of Frederick I and, certainly not to go overlooked, an MS66 star early 19th-century restrike 1676 Carl XI riksdaler that is sure to stun.

Norway rounds out this presentation with a Choice Mint State speciedaler of Frederick III and likely the finest known 1844 speciedaler of Carl XIV Johan.

The numismatic treasures in the Cape Coral Collection are not limited to Scandinavia. Of particular interest to collectors of the Isles will be a silver 1690-dated Proof 65 restrike James I “Gunmoney” Crown – a type rarely seen and much less made available at this level-and a “key date” 1567 Scottish Ryal from the joint reign of Mary, Queen of Scots and Henry Darnley. The stellar grades continue with an MS65+ double taler from Zurich, the final Rijksdaalder from Louis Napoleon’s reign in Holland ranked as an MS64 by PCGS, and a positively icy 1794 6 Zlotych of Stanislaus Augustus graded by PCGS at an astounding MS66. This is not even to mention the multitude of top-graded talers from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Beyond the Cape Coral Collection of European Crowns, this auction contains over 1,600 lots, among which are exceptional offerings that represent the very peak of what the numismatic world has to offer.

Of foremost importance in this sale and deserving of special mention is the Penn Collection, the singular highlight of which is a legendary gold Penny of Henry III-likely the finest known survivor of an ultra-rare mintage and commonly recognized first gold coin of England.

Of course, the Penn Collection includes much more than just this wonderful example, encompassing such exceptional rarities as a James VI Scottish 20 Pounds, the heaviest hammered gold issue of the British Isles, an exceptionally choice George III Proof Pattern 2 Guineas that serves as the Wilson & Rasmussen plate coin, and an array of superb ancient coins collected for their utmost rarity, such as the finest known Mezezius solidus and one of three known Theodosius (son of Maurice Tiberius) solidi, as well as pieces with exceptional eye appeal, perhaps best displayed in an NGC-certified Choice AU star Fine Style Syracusan 16-litrai.

Outside of this collection, world coin auction highlights are too many to name in full, but we would certainly be remiss if we did not reference the inclusion of, not one, but two Mexican “Royal” 8 Escudos hailing from the reign of Philip V. These offerings, dated to 1714 and 1715, rank in an elite tier of preservation, with the 1714 example certified MS66 by PCGS and the 1715 graded MS63 by NGC.

The Platinum Night session contains an exceptional number of British highlights, including a nearly pristine NGC-certified PF66 Cameo 1834 Proof Crown of William IV, a William & Mary 1694 2 Guineas graded MS64 by PCGS, a George IV 1826 Proof 5 Pounds certified PR64 Ultra Cameo by NGC, and a Mint State “Elephant & Castle” 1692 5Guineas.

Other world coins deserving of unique attention include a Gem Proof William IV Restrike 2 Mohurs and a very rare Salzburg gold medallic 6 Ducats, the sole example of its type that we have been able to locate.

From the ancient world, we are excited to offer a dizzying selection of metallic works of art. The massive 42mm Berenice II pentekaidekadrachm needs to be seen in hand to be fully appreciated. Rare Late Roman gold is well represented, including a wonderful facing portrait type of Licinia Eudoxia – a first for us.

Of course, we have more fantastic Lydian issues, including a beautiful Prototype heavy stater, and a plethora of Roman aurei and Macedonian staters to whet the appetite of gold collectors. Sicily once again boasts her artistic prowess on silver tetradrachms through drachms, and litrai mulitples. With the sheer number of Fine Style and high-grade coins in this sale, count on this auction catalog being permanently found on dealers’ and collectors’ bookshelves.

It almost goes without saying that the offerings here are sure to wow even the most discerning bidders. We can only hope that the future owners of these coins will derive as much joy and satisfaction from them as we have gained in assembling this auction.

This auction is open for bidding now at Coins.HA.com.

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