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Goldbergs Pre Long Beach Sale – Top 5 Results

The 2018 Goldbergs June Pre Long Beach Sale took place on June 10-13 in Los Angeles and featured the Ora Eads Collection of Odd & Curious, World & Ancient Coins and the Green Tree Collection of United States Half Cents Part II.

Below are the TOP FIVE preliminary results from the sale. Congratulations to Goldberg’s and all of the new owners, for another successful auction.

Lot 2154 Justh & Hunter gold ingot #4280 from the S.S. Central America (1857) 

goldbergsJusth & Hunter gold ingot #4280 from the S.S. Central America (1857). 20.93 oz, 90.7% fine, with special presentation Book by David Bowers. Ingot size about 2-3/8 inches high x 1-3/4 inches wide x 1/2 inch thick.

A desirably compact and perfectly rectangular ingot with markings on top NO.4280 / JUSTH & HUNTER / 20.93 OZS. / 907 FINE. / $392.42, bias-cut assayer’s cut in upper-left corner on top and bottom-right corner on bottom, the bottom smooth but with marking 80 near one corner.

Very rare and highly sought example of California gold from the Gold Rush days, the specimens from Justh & Hunter (a famous assaying office in San Francisco, Justh himself once an assayer at the mint) being typically much larger and therefore difficult to collect in this small size.

Note also that the accompanying book (part of a special presentation package when these gold bars were marketed after the fine) is worth a least 2,500 by itself. From the SS Central America (1857).

SOLD $120,000 (includes 20% buyers Premium)

Lot 3869  – Qing Dynasty. Guang Xu Zhong Bao, 1875-1908, AE 10 Cash 

Qing Dynasty. Guang Xu Zhong Bao, 1875-1908, AE 10 Cash Carved Mother Coin (6.3 g, 27.4 mm). The highest level of pattern coin in Qing Dynasty. Mintmark “Bao Quan” (Board of Revenue) and denomination on the back. Variety with the denomination in Financial Characters. Very Rare. Extremely Fine.

In ancient Chinese coinage, a carved mother coin is the highest level pattern, usually produced by authorized artist for approval. Once approved, the carved mother coins will be used as prototypes to make mother coins, and the mother coins will be used to produce the molds for business strikes. This process sometimes could be even more complicated, but all designs must start from carved mother coins.

SOLD $51,600 (includes 20% buyers Premium)


Lot 1895 – 1868 $2.50 Liberty PCGS PF64 CAM 
1868. PCGS graded Proof 64 Cameo PQ. CAC. Well struck and fully untoned. Only 25 struck in proof and this is one of the finest examples. First off the surfaces are nearly of gem qualiity, second the fields and devices show the desirable Cameo contrast seen only on a couple of surviving proofs of this date.
The contrast adds to the appeal, and this makes for a dramtic coin to study. Mintages at the time were tiny reflecting the demand, simply put not many people in Amerrica could afford to buy and keep these early numismatic treasures.
Only the richest folks were able to buy these, and not many did. Today these are historic relics from our history and of considerable importance.
Pop 2; 1 in 65CAM. (PCGS # 87894)
SOLD $48,000 (includes 20% buyers Premium)


Lot 1697 – 1889-CC Morgan $1 PCGS MS63 PL 

1889-CC. PCGS graded MS-63 Prooflike. Fully untoned and close to a deep mirror PL. Boldly struck. Popular key date which shows a modest mintage of a mere 350,000 pieces. Most of these were melted long ago, and finding an Uncirculated example requires both patience and a healthy pocketbook. For most collectors, this satisfying Choice coin will certainly add considerable pizzazz to any advanced Morgan dollar set. Precious few are known at this lofty grade, and gems number just two pieces, neither of which offers the prooflike mirror surfaces found here.

The Carson City Mint lay idle by the end of the year 1885, closed due being redundant at the order of the first Democratic President elected since the end of the Civil War–Grover Cleveland. Once Cleveland left office in 1889, the Carson City Mint was reopened at the order of then President Benjamin Harrision and silver dollar production came back online, in limited numbers. Curiously, in 1893, President Harrison was not in office, but low and behold Grover Cleveland was elected again to be President, and again closed the Carson City Mint, this time pretty much for good, in 1893. Hence production of Carson City coinage was faught with many challenges, one of the most important reasons was political.

Pop 32; 2 in 63+PL; 8 in 64PL; 1 in 64+PL. (PCGS # 7191) 
SOLD $45,600 (includes 20% buyers Premium)


Lot 2079 – 1907 $20 St. Gaudens. High Relief, Wire Rim PCGS MS65 
1907. High relief, Roman numerals, wire rim. PCGS graded MS-65. Just graded at PCGS for the first time. In the right obverse field is a small scuff; otherwise this coin would be MS66 or finer. Its unmarred surfaces are completely pure and bathed in mint frost. Presented here is a highly desirable example of this coveted issue, with the fullness of strike, majestic designs, and timeless beauty any collector would long appreciate. Rarely are these large, gold high reliefs found in gem condition today.

The monumental struggle of the famed scultptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens is well documented, with his main support coming from President Theodore Roosevelt. Saint-Gaudens was battling a terminal disease while trying to get models, dies, and coins produced, and, when nearly finished, just weeks away from production, he passed away. These stunning High Relief double eagles are the closest production coins to his concept, and only a few lucky people can afford one this splendid. Make sure to view it before the sale and many times thereafter. Such beauty will never go out of style.

The surviving examples of this famed High Relief design generally fall into two main categories: lightly circulated, yet retaining AU quality, and the larger group of certified coins that offer grades of MS62 to MS64. Demand is always strong when a delightful, lustrous gem like this appears on the market. Truly an opportunity for the experienced collector (PCGS # 9135)

SOLD $37,200 (includes 20% buyers Premium)


About Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles, Inc

Ira and Larry Goldberg are experts in the Numismatic field with over 50 years of experience. In 2010, they were each awarded a Lifetime Achievement for their contributions to the Numismatic Community. Over the last three decades, they have helped people build world-class collections which have realized record-breaking prices.

Visit them at http://www.goldbergcoins.com


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