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Heritage June Hong Kong Auction of Ancient and World Coins Opens for Bidding Soon

Heritage Auctions - June Ancient Coins and World Coins Auction

Heritage presents another assortment of coins in the first of our two annual Hong Kong International Numismatic Fair auctions, this one scheduled for June 28 in Hong Kong (June 27 in the US). As collector interest grows in tandem with the expanding economies of Asia, we continue to witness the inclusion of ever more fantastic rarities in our sales, and this auction is certainly no exception. Alongside an impressive assortment of Asian coins, we once again offer a meticulously crafted selection of Ancients, all marked by both their scarcity and eye appeal.

The Ancients portion of this auction is crowned by a Mint State example of the famed Lydian ‘Light Series’ Stater, introduced under the rule of King Croesus, who pioneered the world’s first bimetallic standard of which this coin is a part.

A number of iconic and widely recognized types can be found alongside this giant of Ancients, including several immensely eye appealing aurei, several of which, such as both a Tiberius and a Severus Alexander Aureus, have received the “star” designation by NGC for exceptional visual appeal. Another of our favorites, an Arsinoe II Octradrachm, accompanies these, illustrating a diversity of choice that will provide something of interest for all Ancients collectors.

As one would expect, the inclusions from China are among the rarest and stunning presented, and it is impossible to label any one coin in the sale as being “the best”. However, it is difficult to ignore or overstate the importance of a simply magnificent Kwangtung Dollar of 1889, which ranks among the rarest of coins we have offered, and particularly so in such stunning condition. The type’s scarcity derives from the rapid melting down of the original issue following its original production. It serves as an example of not only the first machine-struck coins of China but also of the first use of an obverse that soon became employed in the designs of many other subsequent provincial Chinese coins. Extraordinarily, this specimen is accompanied in the auction by a full assortment of other Kwantung rarities of the same year, ranging from the 5 Cent type to the 10, 20, and 50 Cents, all scarce in their own right.

Of course, there are innumerable other rarities from China. Among the most important offerings in this area is a gold Pattern Kuping Tael of 1907 and the exceedingly rare “L. Giorgi” signed Pattern Dollar issue of 1914, both certified MS61 by NGC. A 1908 Kirin Dollar also deserves mention, ranking near the best of the type seen or certified to-date.

Collectors oriented toward more modern issues will find plenty to be excited about as well, with a nearly perfectly graded 1995 “Dragon Boat” 500 Yuan, one of only 99 minted, serving as the main highlight in this vast area. As is always the case in our Hong Kong auctions, the Asian selection from beyond China remains vibrant, with issues produced in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, the Dutch East Indies, and much more.

中国, 中國, 香港

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