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Heritage Monthly Internet Auction Features Classic US Commemorative Coins

The newest Monthly Internet Auction of US Coins from Heritage features selections of classic (1892-1954) silver and gold commemorative coins. Open for bidding now, this auction is scheduled to close with a live session conducted exclusively through Heritage Live at 6 PM CT on Wednesday, January 15.

Commemorative Coins

Classic commemorative coins are typified by a wide selection of half dollars minted to commemorate various events in American history, with a few issues in other denominations, including some gold coins. A high-end example appearing in this auction is the 1925 Lexington-Concord Sesquicentennial half, graded MS67 by PCGS. Only a single coin from the combined major grading services carries a higher numerical grade than the assigned MS67, with an additional six coins bearing a grade of 67+.

The top gold Commemorative Coins in this auction is probably the 1915-S Panama-Pacific Gold Dollar, also graded MS67 by PCGS. The Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco was commemorated by a total of five coins, minted in denominations ranging from half dollar to fifty dollars, and all bearing the S mintmark, a first in the commemorative series. All of these issues are popular today. This coin is surpassed only by eight coins graded 67+; the major services have as yet not seen fit to grade any examples as MS68 or finer.

A few of the additional Commemorative Coins highlights of this auction include:

Bid on this auction now at coins.HA.com.

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