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Heritage Offers the Colección Val y Mexía of Chilean Coins

Heritage Auctions is presenting the “Colección Val y Mexía” of Chilean Coins, the most comprehensive collection of Chilean coinage by types, dates, and varieties that we have ever offered. This collection will be offered in logical, coherent groupings over the next two to three years.

Heritage Offers the Colección Val y Mexía of Chilean Coins

In the words of Dr. Val Y Mexia:

“I was always attracted to the old, but began to collect only in the 1980s, beginning with Japanese Art (Paintings and Calligraphies), which I still love. At some point I saw the beauty of Classical Greek Coins (what else!) and I bought some, as well as Spanish Monarchy, German Thalers and Russian coins. But, somehow I thought I should be collecting the coins of my country–Chile–and that was that! The Spanish coins were sold in Spain and the Thalers and Russian coins with Heritage, and since then, I have collected nothing but Chile, Colonial and Republic, in all metals: gold, silver and copper.”

Dr. Val’s (as we know him) focus has been that of a Numismatist: to create the most comprehensive collection of Chilean Coins, trying to include all years, all sub-types. and all errors and overdates, in the best possible conditions. This is not always possible when dealing with overdates and errors-but if you do not get “that coin,” then when? As the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset said, “Man is Himself and his Circumstances.” And that is exactly the predicament of the Collector Numismatist: it is your Circumstances–call it Fate, if you will–which present that coin to you at this time. It may be 15 to 20 years, or even more, before a certain coin appears again in the market.

Part I: Chile Gold Coins from 1851 until Modern Times, will be offered in a Showcase Auction ending on Monday, January 16. This first group of the collection contains all the Oro Moderno (Modern gold) plus the earlier gold coins minted according to the Decimal System (1, 2, 5 Pesos, etc.). The earliest year of this new decimal system (which replaced the 1, 2, 4 Escudos of Colonial and Early Republic times) is 1851. These are, in general, low or very low mintage years. The last year for this series is the 20 Pesos Oro in 1917. The Oro Moderno can be said to begin with the Female Head Looking Left coined in 1926 in denominations of 20, 50 and 100 Pesos. A modified design was done in 1932 for the 100 Pesos coin and used much later in the other denominations.

A few of the highlights of this initial auction are:

The overall Colección Val y Mexía is truly amazing, by far the finest collection of Chilean coins that we have offered or seen offered. This is only the first part of several parts that will be offered over the next few years.

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