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Hot Topics: Chatrooms Must Change

By Laura Sperber – Legend Numismatics Hot Topics



For too many years I’ve sat back and watched and experienced first hand how chatrooms have become what I call “sesspools of misinformation and abuse”.  Rather then read later how I am such a villian for calling for PCGS and NGC to CLOSE their chatrooms, I am calling for PCGS and NGC to make strong changes. Contrary to any rumors-I choose NOT to be on any chatroom by my own will.

hot_topics_lauraWhy am I so miffed then about happens? Because everyday I hear from collectors total misinformation. I have seen numerous coin sales ruined for no reason (with multiple dealers) either because someone is hiding behind a key board felt like causing mischief or comments were given from people who had no clue. Then there are the dealers who lurk either to lure unsuspecting collectors into their web or to spread their misaligened gosple.

They are looking for victims or sometimes they are there simply to pound their chests-because that lack credibity on the bourse floor. Another favorite is when collectors who think they know a little (and don’t) dispense advice. Today on PCGS there is a thread stating: “What dealers do not want you to know”. Really? Is that needed? It creates unessecary dealer bashing and negavity. Of course the authors name is not visible. I know I am not the only one bothered by this thread-I see at least two dealers who responded early on. They were not offering any one flowers of appreciation. This thread is just ONE example.

My solution is simple: make people be identified by their REAL names-and ONLY accept registrations that can be confirmed.

This will cut down and attacks, misinformation, problem trades and dealer shenanigans. Why do people think that because someone is a long standing chatroom member they are finacially sound or can be trusted? I can prove that is so far from the truth with more people then you think. Further, with not having to be identified did ever stop to think how you really have no clue who you are speaking too? Too many people on chatrooms want to believe what they read. Of course I see I am already being flamed (of course its all from the usual trouble makers). Sadly, the need for making names public is too stop abuse. As ususal, the chatroom folk are only reading 1/4 of what is written here and trying to put their spins on things.

Last, its been forever and people still try and grade from images. No one ever will be able too. Only on a chatroom is the ridiculous is demanded and accepted. The flock will always follow anyone who sounds like a good leader-even if they are hiding behind a fake name.

flamesYes, I know some people have formed friendships and some people even have gotten some good information, I am just tired of all the BS I have been seeing the last year or so. My guess is OVER 60% of what I have seen has been inaccurate or just plain false information lately. If I had too, I could list numerous posts that should never have been allowed. ALL (of course) were by people who did not expose their full or real names. Last week there was a thread that just infuriated me to no end and was my breaking point about speaking out. The writer had no reason to say what they did. It was a negative thread that definately did some damage to people. TIME FOR MAJOR CHANGES! It will make the chatrooms a much better place!

As expected the chatroom folk are whining like mad already. How dare I?  Oh, I am such an evil person. I have no clue what I am talking about. My fav: why won’t she name the coin docs then (I did name 2 once and it made no difference because no one knew them). Oh I won’t do business w/her she is pompus. The attacks are free flowing. Sorry, I am not crying any river. I said what I said, too bad you do not like to hear the truth. I am not trying to win any business, friends, or contests.

Put yourself in my shoes, come here and listen and see what damage I have to fix because of the chatrooms every day. More people seem to get HURT than helped on them lately. By making people sign up with their real names, to me it might be ONE small solution or lessing of some problems. Total censorship is an option too-but who is going to sit there 24/7 to babysit? My comments have nothing to do with how much anyone spends. Its funny how the majority of dealers want them shut yet the public will defend them-right or wrong. I wonder if the threads will break 100 before midnight (now its going to hit 200)? Its always the same people responding and throwing personal attacks at me. They just do not get it.

Any comments can be sent to (or I’m sure I’ll see them posted as I am flamed) [email protected]

Laura Sperber
Laura Sperberhttps://www.legendnumismatics.com/
Laura Sperber is one of the owners of Legend Numismatics. She is a passionate and outspoken dealer who says what she believes and is a strong proponent of numismatic standards. Since 1987, Legend Numismatics has built an unequaled reputation among casual collectors and avid investors alike by locating and procuring top-quality rare coins.

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  1. I agree there is a lot of incorrect info. on coin blogs and discussion boards but I think it is due more to people who are just not well-informed rather than a willful desire to mislead or trick people.
    I have also often noticed that when someone states something that is incorrect, other posters will chime in and point out the real story. But it varies a lot depending on the site. The PCGS board could really use better navigation tools to make it easier to use.

  2. I very much like Legend, and applaud Laura Sperber for her outspoken comments about issues that bear on consumer protection. But I think that she is way off base here. People who have been PCGS Forum members for a while have a good idea of whose opinion counts for what. Adding a name to that post won’t change anything.

  3. TDN claims that Legend spends low six figures yearly advertising on PCGS. As such, she has some latitude with her comments. I may not agree with this blog post, but she has the right to state it.

  4. Maybe we should make Laura Sperber the czar of all coin discussions. Of course, that would give her “misaligened gosple” (sic) more respect than it deserves. Does anyone copy edit this crud?

  5. If you look at the discussions that follow my almost 200 articles on this site and over 50 others I have written elsewhere, you will see almost without exception very thoughtful comments stated articulately by other collectors and readers who share valuable info. It is still possible to have civilized debates about coins in the online world. In fact, this is where most of the best debates occur, and I have made a number of real world friends through these forums. I think the key is mutual respect.


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