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CoinWeek teams up with Michael Bean, retired printer from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP), at the 2018 Winter FUN Show in Tampa, Florida to demonstrate the steps that printers took to prepare plates and print paper money and other material using a vintage spider press.

The spider press was used to print currency notes in the 19th century, and Michael’s demonstration gives paper money collectors a valuable insight into the complex and time consuming process that the Treasury undertook to make some of the America’s most beautiful banknotes.

This video was shot using CoinWeek’s new Virtual Reality (VR) camera, giving you collectors a 360 degree view of the segment. You can adjust the viewing angle to your liking by using the compass rose control at the top left of the screen.

CoinWeek IQ Video: #042

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Note: SHOT IN 4K. Click: “Watch on YouTube” button to watch this presentation in its full 4K presentation.

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