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Italy 2016 Flora in Art: Contemporary Age 20 Euro Gold Coin



2016 marks the last coin in the 20-euro gold series Flora in Art or Flora Nell Arte. The 2016 Flora in Art coin pays homage to contemporary art and features artistic female figurines adorned with floral decorative pieces. The figures are inspired by frescoes created by Ettore de Maria Bergler, a painter born in Naples, Italy, in 1850. He died in Palermo, Italy, in 1938.


The obverse is anchored by Floralia, a figure seen in a fresco painted by Bergler; the piece is exhibited in Villa Igiea Palermo. The head of the female figurine is crowned with a floral wreath. The inscription REPUBBLICA ITALIANA wraps around the upper three-quarters of the figure along the obverse rim of the 20-euro gold coin.

The name of the coin’s designer, Annalisa Masini, is expressed as A. MASINI just to the right of center under the figure and near the bottom rim.


italyflorerevA highly detailed female figure holding an ornate floral garland is seen dancing in a field of flowers. This whimsical design feature, inspired by the work of Bergler, is actually a larger interpretation of the same Floralia fresco subject as seen on the obverse of the coin.

The coin’s denomination is expressed as 20 EURO in two horizontal lines on the right center of the coin, behind the dancing subject. To the right of the female figure is the date of the coin, 2016, and the Mint of Rome mintmark, represented by an “R.” The words FLORA NELL ARTE are inscribed along the upper and right sides of the reverse rim; a segment of the garland wreath interrupts the continuation of the phrase between the words FLORA and NELL.

Designer(s): Annalisa Masini has designed several commemorative euro coins for Italy, San Marino and the Vatican (Vatican City).

Coin Specifications:

Country:  Italy
Year Of Issue:  2016
Denomination: 20 Euro
Mint Mark: R
Alloy:  .900 Fine Gold
Weight:  6.451 g
Diameter:  21 mm
Edge:  Continuous Milled
OBV Designer  Annalisa Masini
REV Designer Annalisa Masini
Quality:  Proof


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