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Italy Commemorates Ministry of Health on 2018 Bimetallic 2 Euro Coin

 Italian Ministry of Health 2 Euro Coin

By the Italian Mint ……
The Italian State Mint has issued a bimetallic 2 euro coin to commemorate 60 years of the Italian Ministry of Health. The issue is based on a silver medal made last year by the Mint and delivered by Mint CEO Paolo Aiello to the Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin.

Based on a historical sense of the Ministry’s mission, the coin was designed by engraver/artist Silvia Petrassi and coined at the workshops of the State Mint. It has a circulation of 10,000 pieces for the “Fior di Conio” version and 5,000 pieces for the “proof” version.

On the obverse, the allegorical representation of health with some symbolic elements of the activities of the Ministry: Environment, Research, Food and Medicine. In the left field, the “RI” monogram, acronym of the Italian republic; above, “R”, identifier of the Mint of Rome; at the base of the female figure, initials of the author Silvia Petrassi; in the turn, the inscription “MINISTERO DELLA SALUTE”, the dates “1958-2018” and the 12 stars of the European Union.

The coins are already available on the Mint Catalog page, as well as on the Department of the Treasury website (

The other issues of the year are available on the Italian Mint’s website (

  • 9-piece division series 60th Anniversary of the Ministry of Health – FDC
  • 5 euro AG 900th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Cathedral of Pisa – PROOF
  • 20 euros AU Artemisia Gentileschi, “Women in Art” Series
  • 10 euro AG Cathedral of Trani – Puglia, Italy Series of the Arts – PROOF
  • 5 euro bimetallica Artistic Treasures of Amatrice – FDC
  • 5 euro AG 50th Anniversary of the birth of the National Polizia di Stato – FDC
  • 5 euro AG Veneto Villas – Veneto, Italy Series of Arts – PROOF
  • Series 10 pieces with 5 euro AG glazed 70th Anniversary of the entry into force of the Constitution Italiana – PROOF
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