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Kagin’s Coin Stories: The Moffat $16 Gold Ingot – 4K Video

Kagin’s Inc. is a California-based coin firm that specializes in rare U.S. coins, paper money, private issues from the California Gold Rush, and other unusual and rarely-encountered numismatic items. The company was thrust into the national spotlight in 2014 after it announced the discovery of an amazing hoard of 19th-century United States gold coins that was buried for more than a century on a private residence in California’s gold region.

In this video segment, David McCarthy, Senior Numismatist at Kagin’s, Inc., shared some of the company’s most interesting new purchases with CoinWeek Editor Charles Morgan at the Florida United Numismatists (FUN) 61st Annual Convention. Interested collectors should contact Kagin’s to learn more…

Video © 2016 CoinWeek, LLC. Kagin’s logo used with permission.

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