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KM Number – A Commonly Referred to World Coin Reference Number

KM Numbers appear in Krause's Standard Catalog of World Coins.

A “KM number”, also known as a Krause-Mishler number, is named after American numismatists Chester “Chet” Krause and Clifford Mishler. KM numbers serve as a cataloging system for world coins, where each country starts with the number “1” at their lowest denomination at the earliest release date, and a cardinal number was given to each subsequent coin series in the order of its release in that denomination until the start of the next denomination, where the process continues at whichever number is next. KM numbers first appeared in the Standard Catalog of World Coins published by Krause Publications starting in the third edition.

Initially, the catalog used Yeoman numbers, but Krause and Mishler uncovered a number of coins not accounted for by Yeoman. With the addition of editor Colin Bruce, the number of new additions mushroomed, and the new numbering system was devised as a way to create a “Red Book” of world coins.

Krause and Mishler also hoped to avoid a system littered with prefix and suffix numbers or the need for dealers to constantly renumber the system once new discoveries were found. As the publication’s editors gained a more complete picture of the output of numerous countries and mints, things grew more complicated. The Standard Catalog gives United States coins KM numbers, but these are typically not referenced in trade publications or auction catalogs within the United States.

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