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Kolbe & Fanning to Hold 125th Numismatic Book Sale

Kolbe & Fanning have announced their 125th mail-bid sale of important numismatic literature, which will close on Thursday, June 7. The sale features selections from the libraries of F. Gordon Frost, David J. Davis and a major coin firm, and includes significant works in virtually all areas of numismatic study.

A list of highlights would be lengthy, but some notable works offered include:

• Conring’s Rare 1675 Work on Ancient Jewish Coins.
• A Bound Collection of Articles by George F. Hill, from the Library of the Author, and Hill’s Own Copy of His 1927 Select Greek Coins.
• An Original Set of Rizzo on Sicily.
• The Outstanding 1702 Quarto Work by the Académie Royale des Médailles et des Inscriptions on the Medals of Louis XIV.
• A Fine, Original Set of Dalton & Hamer.
• Chaudoir’s Aperçu sur les monnaies russes.
• Domanig’s Die deutsche Medaille.
• Hill’s Monumental Corpus of Italian Medals of the Renaissance.
• Hirsch’s Classic 1760 Bibliography.
• Several Volumes of the Trésor de numismatique et de glyptique, Including Volumes on Medals of the French Revolution and Renaissance Medals.
• A Remarkable Sammelband Compiled by George Sim.
• An Original 1875 Crosby in a Nova Constellatio Binding.
• The Rare Second Edition of Loubat.
• One of Only Ten Copies Issued of the Deluxe Leather-Bound Edition of Logan & McCloskey on U.S. Half Dimes.
• An Original Maris on New Jersey.
• A Very Rare Deluxe Edition of Prime’s Classic 1861 Work.
• Several Plated Chapman Sales, Including Wilson, Jewett, Brown, Groves and Beckwith.
• Abner Kreisberg’s Full Leather Copy of the World’s Greatest Collection of U.S. Silver.
• An Unlisted Pennypacker Sale of the Ira Reed Collection.
• The Very Rare 1846 Cavaliere Campana Sale, Priced & Named
• Significant Runs of the Canadian Antiquarian and Numismatic Journal.

Kolbe & Fanning are honored to be offering material in this sale from the libraries of Gordon Frost and David Davis, two long-time clients well-known to many of our colleagues here and abroad. Works from their libraries are identified as such throughout the catalogue, and we are sure their new owners will appreciate them in the same way that they were valued before.

The catalogue is available for downloading from the Kolbe & Fanning website at www.numislit.com. Those on our mailing list should receive their printed copies soon. We invite bidders to peruse the catalogue carefully and let us know of any questions they may have. The sale includes an excellent variety of works and we trust that it will generate a good deal of enthusiasm.

David Fanning may be contacted at (614) 414-0855 or at [email protected].

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