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Künker eLive Auction 57 of Ancient and World Coins and Phaleristics

By Künker GmbH ……

Dear bidders and collector friends,

Have you seen our next eLive Auction 57? This time you will find over 2,200 lots, featuring pieces ranging from the ancient world to modern times as well as orders and decorations.

To kick off our eLive Auction 57, we present you series of late Roman and Byzantine gold coins, among others from the Phoibos Collection. From the field of modern coins and medals, we recommend a small selection of South American Reales as well as a nice collection from the Kingdom of Westphalia and an extensive collection of Brandenburg-Prussia.

The eLive Auction 57 closes on Thursday with over 600 lot numbers of orders and decorations, such as from the fourth part of the Ottoman Collection.

The eLive Auction will take place on:

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at 5 pm CET

  • Ancient World
  • European Coins and Medals
  • Coins and Medals from Overseas
  • Holy Roman Empire

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 5 pm CET

  • German Coins and Medals
  • German Coins After 1871
  • Lots

Thursday, December 6, 2019 at 5 pm CET

  • European Orders and Decorations
  • Ottoman Empire: The Ottoman Collection, part IV
  • German Orders and Decorations
  • Orders and Decorations From Overseas

Please enjoy our eLive Auction 57 and have fun browsing through our wide range of coins, medals, orders, and decorations.

Greetings from Osnabrück,

Your Künker team


Nobbenburger Str. 4a

All lots can be viewed at our offices by prior appointment until December 2, 2019 from 9 am to 5 pm. Our headquarters team will happily register your appointment by phone at +49 541 96202 0.

Highlights of our eLive Auction 57

Lot number 8
Gallia. Suessiones.
Stater, around 100 v. Chr.
Estimate: 600 euros

Lot number 102
Roman Empire.
Hadrianus, 117-138.
Aureus 117, Rome.
Very rare. Very nice.
Estimate: 4.000 euros

Lot number 238
Egica, 687-702 with Witizza.
Tremissis, Narbonne.
Rare. Very nice-extremely fine.
Estimate: 1,250 euros

Lot number 542
Empire Russian.
Republic since 1992.
25 rouble 1995, St. Petersburg.
Estimate: 1,300 euros

Lot number 680
Holy Roman Empire
Archduke Maximilian as “Hochmeister des Deutschen Ordens, 1585-1590-1618”.
Double Reichstaler 1614, Hall.
Very nice-extremely fine.
Estimate: 750 euros

Lot number 1096
Electorate of Hesse.
Wilhelm (IX.) I., (1785-) 1803-1821.
Taler 1819.
Very rare. Extremely fine-uncirculated.
Estimate: 800 euros

Lot number 1341
Kingdom of Wuerttemberg
Friedrich Eugen, 1795-1797.
Konv.-Taler 1795, Stuttgart,
Small flan defect, very fine.
Estimate: 1,000 euros

Lot number 3467
Large medal bar, mounted as worn, of the Saxe-Altenburg/Prussian Oberstleutnant Richard Müller († 1939) with eleven awards.
Estimate: 2,000 euros

Participating Live on the Internet

If you’d like to participate in the eLive Auction over the internet, your personal myKünker login data is required. Registration takes place exclusively at www.kuenker.de.

Our service for you: by means of this login data we offer you a simple login process at www.kuenker.de and www.elive-auction.de and thus participation in the online auction, and we also enable you to shop in our Online Shop.

General Advice

As always, we have worked out the descriptions of the offered items with respect to scientific aspects proven in many years and to the best of our knowledge and beliefs. The starting prices are placed on a very “reasonable” level. It is self-understanding that Künker’s gives a full and temporally unlimited warranty for originality for all the offered items if not otherwise stated.

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