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L. Giorgi Tall Hat Dollar, Thailand 1951 Garuda Gold Coin Among Highlights at Stack’s Bowers Hong Kong Auction

By Chris ChatignyNumismatist & Cataloger, Stacks Bowers ……

Appealing “L. Giorgi” signed Yuan Shih-kai in Tall Hat Dollar

China L. Giorgi Yuan Shih-Kai Tall Hat Dollar. Images courtesy Stack's Bowers Auction

This preview for the August Hong Kong Showcase Auction features a terrific vintage Chinese coin from the Republic era.

This elegant coin displays a front-view portrait of Yuan Shih-kai in full military regalia. His jacket proudly displays his medals and decorations for his years of service in the military; a sash is visible running across his chest from his right shoulder, and epaulets add significant prestige to his bust. Also eye-catching is Yuan’s high-feathered military hat, which symbolized his status at the pinnacle of the Chinese Republican military and government.

Luigi Giorgi, prolific engraver as the head of the Tientsin Mint from 1910-20, included his signature on the dies that produced this coin. This detail elevates the desirability over the unsigned variety by a substantial amount.

The reverse for this coin contains the necessary coin information since the obverse features only the portrait. The upper Chinese inscription states: “Republic of China. Coin Commemorative of the Republic.” Two ornate rosettes separate the upper Chinese inscription from the lower English: “One Dollar.” The central design displays an open wreath around two prominent Chinese characters meaning: “One Yuan.”

Like most historical figures Yuan Shih-Kai’s legacy is complex and fraught with negative repercussions. He was an important general and politician, best known for his military reforms and his role in the transition from monarchy to a republic in China at the turn of the century. Yuan’s greatest achievement turned out to be a double-edged sword, as his military reforms fostered a loyalty that led to rival warlords competing with each other after his death. This fractioning of the army, coupled with his bid to restore the monarchy (with himself as emperor) eroded the ideals of the Republican movement he had helped establish.

Incredible Thailand 1951 1,000 Baht with Mythical Garuda Bird

Thailand 1951 Garuda 1,000 Baht Gold Coin. Images courtesy Stack's Bowers Auction

This preview for our August Hong Kong Showcase Auction features an impressive and massive gold issue from Thailand.

In 1943 the government of Thailand made an internal loan and eight years later in 1951 the government offered bond holders the option of repayment in gold coins, gold bars, or other form, but the options would all share a Garuda emblem. The Garuda is a legendary anthropomorphic bird creature and, for Thailand, it is a national and cultural symbol. The Garuda is known as the vehicle of the deity Vishnu (or Narayana) and as the royal symbol it emphasizes the divine kingship of the Thai royalty. The obverse bears the aforementioned Garuda, flanked by sprigs. The reverse bears a two line inscription between decorative elements at the top and bottom.

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We are currently accepting consignments of world and ancient coins as well as world paper money for our August 2018 ANA Auction, our October 2018 Collectors Choice Online Coin Auction as well as the January 2019 New York International Coin Auction. In addition, we are taking consignments of Chinese and other Asian coins and currency for our August 2018 Hong Kong Showcase Coin Auction. Time is running short, so if you are interested in consigning your coins and paper currency (whether a whole collection or a single rarity) be sure to contact one of our consignment directors.

中国, 中國, 香港, 袁世凱

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