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Let’s Talk Coin Storage


Coin storage is the topic we discuss in this stream featuring CoinWeek editor Charles Morgan. Charles shares his personal experiences using a number of the hobby’s most popular products, including SAFLIP brand 2×2 coin flips, coin storage boxes that incorporate anti-tarnish Intercept Shield technology, and coin albums from the leading manufacturers.

Proper coin storage ensures that the beauty of your coins can be maintained year after year and from one collector to the next. With a variety of products available on the market, getting to know which options provide the best value is important. The cheapest products may appear to do the job today, but in the longterm, cutting corners can cost you big!

Charles breaks down each of these products and shows you what they look like in use.

If you’d like to protect your coins using these fine products, you can do so by following these links to their respective product pages at CoinWeek Supplies. Your purchase supports independent numismatic journalism and CoinWeek’s growing library of award-winning educational content.

Coin Flips & Liners:

  • Saflip: 2.5″ x 2.5″ (50 Count)… $11.79
  • Cotton Liners… 65¢ each or $59.99 for 100

Storage Boxes:

  • Intercept Shield Slab Covers (Pack of 5)… $8.49
  • Intercept Shield Double Row 2×2 Storage Box… $10.47
  • Intercept Shield Double Row Slab Box… $16.99

Coin Albums:

  • Intercept Shield U.S. Coin Albums… Starting at $21.42
  • Dansco U.S. Coin Albums… Starting at $19.99
  • Littleton U.S. Coin Albums… Starting at $15.19
  • Whitman Coin Albums… Starting at $14.19


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