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Luxembourg 2015 Castle Brandenbourg 5-Euro Silver-Niobium Coin


The 2015 Castle Brandenbourg Castle 5-euro silver-niobium coin is the seventh of nine silver-niobium coins honoring Luxembourg castles to be struck by the Austrian Mint for Luxembourg. Each coin is struck “Proof-like” with a smooth edge, a diameter of 34 mm, and a total weight of 16.6 grams. The coin’s outer ring is made up of .925 fine silver. The coin’s inner core is made of a .999 fine niobium core. The silver-niobium Castle Brandenburg coin is limited to a mintage of 3,000 and carries an issue price at €85.

The ruins of Brandenbourg Castle (in French: Château de Brandenbourg). The castle traces its origins back to the 9th century, but the remains of the current structure date back to the 13th. Its current state is owed, partially to the effects of age, and partially due to a French assault in 1668. The castle site in maintained by the Luxembourg government.


A modern portrait of HRH Grand Duke Henri designed by Luxembourg artist Yvette Gastauer-Claire fills the coin’s cornflower blue inner core. The inscriptions are placed vertically and to the left of Henri’s portrait and read: 2015 LËTZEBUERG.


The ruins of Brandenbourg Castle as seen head-on. The castle gate is partially open. At the bottom right a coat of arms featuring a cross with six-pointed mullets in the four corners. A large numeral 5 dissects the bottom of the coin’s and exergue. EURO, written in all-caps and italics is centered in the exergue. Along the top of the coin, in the outer silver rim and wrapping around the coin’s perimeter is the inscription: BRANDENBOURG.

Designer(s): Yvette Gastauer-Claire is an artist and sculptor from Luxembourg. Her design of HRH Grand Duke Henri is featured as the obverse for the Luxembourg’s country-side on its euro coins. She is also credited with a number of commemorative coin designs (View Designers Profile).

Coin Specifications:

Country:  Luxembourg
Year Of Issue:  2015
Denomination:  5 Euro
Mint Mark:  None (Struck at Austrian Mint)
Mintage:  3,000
Alloy:  .925 Silver / .999 Niobium
Weight:  16.6 grams
Diameter:  34 mm
OBV Designer  Yvette Gastauer-Claire
REV Designer

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